WordARound: a quick and all-around fun game from ThinkFun

WordARound is from Think Fun and I was introduced to it at New York Toy Fair.  Unfortunately, it was bright and early in the morning so my brain wasn’t quite chugging at full strength so I’m pretty sure the sales guy who showed it to me thinks I’ve had some sort of brain trauma.  So even though I was a little slow to grasp the answers I did make a mental note that it was definitely a game to try out after the show.

How to Play

WordARound is a quick to grasp and teach word game.  The cards are made up of three concentric circles and each circle has a word in it.  The interesting thing is that there is no indicator as to where the word begins and where it ends and the whole game is centered around identifying one of the words.   With the stack of cards placed so everyone can see them, the first player to correctly yell out the word in the black circle gets to keep it.  After the first round the previous card dictates the color ring that is in play.  So before a card is put it in a player’s stash they show the back of the card to the group and the color dictates which color ring they’re looking at next.

wordaround_game demo

The game is played until all of the cards in the stack are gone and the player with the most cards in front of them wins.  Like I said, quick and easy to learn.  But the words… well, finding them can be a different story.  Some are definitely harder than others but that’s part of what makes the game fun.

WordARound Stats

$13 WordARound at Amazon and stores that sell Think Fun games (although I’d advise you call first)
2+ players
10-20 minutes
Ages 10 and up