Whozit? A cooperative party game so Thanksgiving stays friendly

Thanksgiving is coming up and you should add Whozit? to your list now if you’re having any sort of party where there might be an inkling of family drama.  I get it!  After a couple hours of eating appetizers, sweet potatoes, turkey (or tofurky), green beans, and glorious pumpkin pie, someone might want to start talking about politics or family scandals or anything in between that’s going to set someone off.  Solution — a cooperative party game that brings quite a bit of fun and wacky discussion, and easily handles up to 8 or more!

How to Play


is the “cooperative guess who game” from the lovely folks at Gamewright (really, they’re quite lovely). You start with selecting character cards which are a mix of specific, generic, real, fictitious (the orange cards below), and then you place numbers next to them.  Then one person is going to draw 2 attributes and rank them. So do you think Godzilla meditates regularly?  You might be quick to say “definitely not,” but looking at the other orange cards you might think that Darth Vader meditates even less so choosing “probably not” might be wise so they get a clue that it isn’t the adult version of angry Anakin.  And I think Godzilla might have an amazing car — will your clues help your teammates guess who you chose?  (Note: the Godzilla card would be with the rest of the orange cards so they’d be considering all six.)

Whozit? game in play showing the score board and some cards and the voting mechanism Once your two clues have been given, you sit back and listen to your teammates discuss — no more hints! Now the players eliminate other characters.  Each correct elimination the move advances 1 space on the Whozit? board.  The round ends when all 5 incorrect characters are guessed OR if they eliminate the correct character.  Continue this play for a total of 4 rounds and then before you start the 5th and final round, look at where the pawn is on the board.  If it’s on a number that’s how many characters you’ll use in the last round (to give you a chance to win.)  If you haven’t reached 10 yet – ouch! – but you get to jump to 10 so fingers crossed round 10 will be your round!  Hopefully you’ll reach Who-Zah!  If not, you could be pretty good and hope to do better next time!

My Thoughts

I’m all for games that are going to keep a holiday party light and fun, and I think Whozit? can do that.  Honestly, it’s been on my desk to be reviewed for most of the summer but I kept thinking about how perfect a suggestion this was for Thanksgiving – or really any holiday party.  It’s not hard to understand, you’re engaged on every turn, it brings up some interesting discussion, and your Aunt Sally won’t complain because it’s crass and your Uncle James won’t accuse anyone of cheating.  It’s also not terribly hard to pop in and out of Whozit? if you need to stir something in the kitchen or make yourself another drink.  Yay cooperative games!  lso I love the colors in this game and the pictures don’t do it justice.  In person it’s quite sharp.

whozit boxWhozit? Stats:

~$20 at Whozit? on Amazon also check out your local toy and game store
3-10+ players (note – it says 2 on the box and it’s fine, just don’t buy it as an only-2 player game)
~25 minutes
Ages 10 and up (younger kids could play this with help and careful editing of the character cards)

Game was provided free of charge from the manufacturer with no guarantee of review (I’ve got to like it).

Quick Note from Kim

Hope my suggestion helps and every0ne has a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I know that’s a little ways off, but ChiTAG (The Chicago Toy and Game Fair and conferences) are the week and weekend before Thanksgiving so I’m going to be posting about that quite a bit in the coming weeks.  I’ll be posting pictures on The Game Aisle’s Instagram page, so please follow if you don’t already.  Then keep an eye out for my holiday posts which will be coming at right about the same time.  LASTLY.. and this is important to me…. when you’re planning your shopping list, please don’t forget to add an extra toy or game for a child or senior who might need a little joy this holiday season.  We play to have fun and bring folks together, but not everyone is lucky enough to have that.  So whatever you celebrate, please consider spreading the game love to a stranger or two.