What’s that on the box?

What’s that on the box?


I was doing some late reading (yep – checking out the latest issue of The Toy Book AFTER Toy Fair). And I was really jazzed about this page for two reasons. The obvious one being that it’s got MY new game Nibbled from Winning Moves on it. Look at those cute fish clips! What kid (or adult for that matter) doesn’t want a game where you wear tons of cute fish clips?! Woohoo! (FYI it’s available now if you’re interested.)

Second is the article below it.   It says, “PlayMonster will add two new games to its Maureen Hiron line of cards games this year.” And look at the box – it has HER NAME on it! To some readers that may not seem all that interesting but here’s the scoop, in other countries inventors/designers get their name on the box. It’s standard practice. It’s also pretty standard practice in the “hobby” game market here in the US. But for some reason, it’s not standard practice in the specialty or mass game markets here.

Additionally, it’s a WOMAN’S name! Okay – there are quite a few female inventors, but how often do you see their name on a box outside of the hobby market? I’ve seen some men manage to get their names on boxes, but I cannot recall ever seeing a woman’s name on the box. I’ve had my name in the rules, on the back of the box, I’ve even had my picture on the back of the box (thanks Educational Insights!), but it is my dream to someday see my name on the front of the box. In fairness, I’ve not been in the industry as long as Maureen, but her name on the box gives me hope that things are moving in a direction to recognize inventors on the font of the box like they do everywhere else.  Like this game from Kim Vandenbroucke? Why not look for some others – just remember it’s Kim V+ a whole bunch of letters! 

I should also mention that I’d love some company to do a “line of games from Kim Vandenbroucke” — any takers?  You know where to reach me!  🙂


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