What Do You Meme? Family: For when family game night is the only game night you’re having

Most of us are stuck at home for at least a bit longer, and for many of us that means “game night” is limited to family, so might I suggest the family-friendly What Do You Meme? Family.  

How to Play

You know the game What Do You Meme? for ages 17+, where players are given a picture and then everyone tosses in a caption card from their hand hoping to have theirs chosen?  This is the same, only way less offensive, so you can play it with pretty much any child who can read. ALTHOUGH, you could easily deal out picture cards and read off a caption card if you want to play with non-readers. You’ll burn through pictures pretty fast but we did it and it was a blast!  There are 65 picture cards and 300 captions, so it’s quite the party in a box.

What Do You Meme FAMILY


Family Friendly Expansion

Big fans of SpongeBob SquarePants? Try the, What Do You Meme? SpongeBob EditionIt is for ages 10+ so the humor is a little older than the Family edition, but again it isn’t offensive as the original. It is intended to be an expansion pack so add it to the core family game (or original game).

What Do You Meme Sponge Bob


What Do You Meme? Family Stats:

~$20 at Amazon (where it was sold out for a second) but Target also has it.
3-20 players (let’s remember social distancing here)
~30-60 minutes (but you could make this shorter)
Ages 8 and up