Toy Fair 2017 Preview: Winning Moves

I always love seeing what’s new at Winning Moves because they usually have an interesting mix of games that have been brought back from yesteryear or the far-distant past, as well as new games — which (if I’m lucky) sometimes include ones by me, like this year!  There are four titles being added to the Winning Moves lineup this year as well as two new Rubik’s titles, which I haven’t covered here but you can see on their website.  Here are the games:

Nibbled – This is one of my new games – WOOHOO!  It’s a no-reading children’s game where you start with little fish-clips nibbling you and the goal of the game is get the fish on you to go and nibble other players instead through a color guessing card game.  I got my samples of the game this week and I must say that I am impressed with the fish-clips.  They are very easy to open and close, don’t fall off when you clip them to your clothes/hair, and don’t hurt if you feel the urge to have one nibble your nose or ears!

Sunk – A social game where you drop water a little bit at a time to a cup floating in another cup without letting it sink.  There are challenge cards which make the pouring a bit more difficult.  This game was an Indiegogo submission to Hasbro’s Next Great Game Challenge and you can watch their sizzle video HERE.

Cranium Cadoo – Remember this one from 2001?  The idea is that it was Cranium for kids where they do activities/challenges like sketching, sculpting, acting, code-cracking, and puzzle solving.  If you are successful, you place an X on the board and the first player/team to get 2 in a row is the winner!

The Game of the States – This is one of the older games that Winning Moves has brought back to life.  It’s a game where players learn about states and state capitals in addition to important industries.  Players are driving trucks across the country and are buying and selling stuff along the way.  I’ll admit I’ve never played it, but it’s been on and off the market since it first appeared as a Milton Bradley game in 1940 (at right).  Since then I’m guessing it’s gotten some content updates — especially since 2 states were added since that time.