Toy Fair 2017 Preview: Haywire

Whew there are a lot of new titles coming out of Haywire this year!  They’re doing a whole series of games under a new “Ten Dollar Game Night” brand for ages 7+.  The boxes are rather stylish and bit like the beautiful Helvetiq “Matchbox” games.  There are also a few new children’s game — including one by ME: Hey! Those are My Glasses!  

Here’s a quick rundown of each of them:

:59 Seconds (Ten Dollar Game Night): Super fast card game where you need to get rid of all of your cards in under a minute.

Bing Oh! (Ten Dollar Game Night): Crazy bingo where there are harmful spaces — as well as helpful ones.

Risk and Reward (Ten Dollar Game Night): Bet on your opponent’s chances of rolling the right dice.  Looks like it has fun shaped cards too!

Skribble Dash (Ten Dollar Game Night): Quick doodling game.  Don’t know much more than that.

Beekeeper: Card game about making colonies before your opponent does.  Ages 6+

Claws, Jaws, and Paws: A game about capturing some of the craziest pets that you can think of.  Looks to have some sort of grid feature.  Ages 8+.

Hey! Those are My Glasses: A funny glasses game that focuses on learning shapes for kids ages 4+.  And it’s got a lemur in glasses on the box — who doesn’t like a game with a lemur in glasses?!  Especially if you can put 3D glasses on that lemur!

Mars Needs Heroes: A card game for ages 8+ about capturing invaders who are attacking the peaceful Mars Colony.

Pirate Ships: This card-based game looks pretty cool.  Players throw card cannon balls at their opponent’s ship.  Hit it once and damage it.  Hit it twice and you shorten their ship.  Uncover treasure and loot along the way. Ages 5+, 2 player only

Slow Poke: A take on classic Old Maid with fun animals and cute artwork.  Ages 4+

Box of Rocks : It isn’t really new as it was at GenCon, but it won’t ship until March 2017 so we’ll call it new-ish.  It answers the question “Are you dumber than a box of rocks?” and all of the questions have 0, 1, or 2 as the answers.  I hear it’s great fun although I have yet to play.  Ages 12+