Toy Fair 2017 Preview: Gamewright

New York Toy Fair is a little over a month away and so it’s time to do a couple of PREVIEWS!  This is what’s going to be coming from Gamewright — and most of this is copied from their press release.

Cha-Cha Chihuahua: A vibrant new “get up and dance” preschool game with some adorable doggies.

Go Nuts for Donuts!: Family card game that looks really really tasty!

Cardventures #3 and #4: Vanished & Time Raiders : Cardventures numbers 1 and 2 came out last year and I covered them in my Toy Fair Trends article about “storytelling games.”  So these are the next two installments in the interactive story series.

Qwingo: A fast paced dice game.  I’m hoping it’s as much fun as Qwixx or Rolling America — because I love those!

Rory’s Story Cubes Fantasia:  A 9-cube fantasy themed version — I’m looking forward to these as they’re a pretty awesome brainstorming tool!

Think ‘n Sync: The new Port-a-Party game (the ones that come in little tiny boxes) where great minds think alike.