Three Little Piggies: It’s just SO CUTE!!

Adults seem to gravitate to beautiful boxes, whereas kids seem to like games that look a bit like toys. So when I saw Three Little Piggies at New York Toy Fair, I really thought SmartGames did something… well, smart! They made their brainteaser for kids 3+ look like a toy and added a picture book to go with it.

Anyone who has dealt with kids who are 3ish, you know that getting them to sit down and do a brainteaser is probably not going to happen very easily. It helps if they WANT to play. So when I had some pint-sized testers over recently it’s no surprise that one was solely focused on the dog (much to the chagrin of the dog). But the other saw the book and little houses with windows and was pulled in.

How to Play

Three Little Piggies ALLTo set up a puzzle, you flip to a page in the challenge booklet and place any necessary critter pegs, up to 3 pigs and a wolf, on the board. During the “Daytime” challenges the pigs are building their houses so the pigs are in the sun and the three puzzle pieces must fit around them. In the “Nighttime” challenges the wolf is on the board and the pigs must be safely covered by a house. My little tester wanted to always put the pigs in the houses (looking out the windows) but when we explained that the wolf wasn’t there and they were supposed to be building their houses she got it.

My Thoughts

In addition to the game there’s a great little picture book with adorable artwork that tells the story of the Three Little Pigs and emphasizes the day/night, no wolf/wolf if it becomes an issue. I have to admit I also love that the little pig in the pink dress (yes, I’m going to assume the girl in the story) is the one who insists on using bricks and puts in the hard work to get her house built. You go girl!

Overall, Three Little Piggies is just so darn cute! And with three puzzle pieces and tons of challenges it’s a great way to start your kid with these brainteasers/solo-games.

Three Little Piggies Stats

~$25  Three Little Piggies at Amazon and local game stores that sell SmartGames products
1 player
play as long as you’d like
Ages 3 – 6