The Game Quick and Easy: 2 cards and fewer numbers

The Game box frontI like The Game (although I’ve had a few “Who’s On First” bits regarding the name – Ha!), so naturally I wanted to try The Game Quick and Easy.  If you haven’t played The Game you can read my review on it, but the LT;DR version is that it’s a cooperative game where players have to work together to get rid of all the cards numbered 1-100.  A bit lighter than The Mind, it’s a good game for very casual gamers.  So how does The Game Quick and Easy stack up?  Let’s find out…

How to Play

The Game Quick and Easy is easier to set up.  Place the 1 and the 10 on the table, shuffle the rest of the cards, deal 2 to each player and you’re ready to play.  Instead of playing with numbers 1-100 in this game you’re playing with numbers 1-10, but there are colors.  Just like in The Game one pile goes up and one goes down.  On your turn you have to play at least 1 card but you could play both if you want to, and you’ll redraw back up to 2 at the end of your turn.  In The Game to jump a discard pile in the reverse direction it should be going, you had to play a card that is exactly 10 in the opposite direction the stack is going.  In this game, you can play a card of the same color any distance away.  So if your stack going down is at 2 red, you can play a 8 red to jump it back up and give everyone more space to play.  If you can get rid of all cards before someone can’t play – everyone wins!

The Game Quick and Easy Cards playing cards showing five colors of ones, a one card and a ten card and the remaining deck

My Thoughts

Like I said in my intro, I like The Game.  I think it’s easy to get and it can be frustratingly difficult to win at times (especially when you reduce the cards in your hand).  Between the two I still think The Game is my preferred pick because it feels harder to win and I like a challenge.  I still liked The Game Quick and Easy, but it definitely felt a lot easier and it was probably a bit quicker to play too. I liked that the challenge had a familiar but different feel to it.  One thing I’ll say I wasn’t a fan of was the theme of The Game Quick and Easy.  I know that The Game has this dark skull theme in many other places in the world (you can see pics on Board Game Geek), but I love the colorful cards in the mass market version of The Game.  They seem happy and the themeless-ness appeals to almost anyone.  I’ve given several copies out to older relatives who enjoy it, but I don’t think I would have done that for a skull version. I definitely got some hesitancy when it came to the skull theme, but the skulls are kind of cute.  The art is quite impressive and has a Coco feel to it, but I just didn’t feel that the theme enhanced the play.  Again.. my thoughts and I’m sure there are folks that feel differently.  Overall if you enjoyed The Game and want something similar give it a try! I’d love to hear your thoughts too (hit me up on twitter @TheGameAisle).

Also you can pre-order the NON-COOPERATIVE version The Game Face-To-Face coming mid-May from Pandasaurus.  It’s a 2-player head-to-head version for ~$15.

The Game Quick and Easy Stats:

~$15 at Amazon or local game stores but please call first
2-4 players
~10 minute
Ages 8 and up