Sushi Roll: Yummier with Dice

I really enjoyed Sushi Go! (amazon link) and Sushi Go Party (amazon link)  from Gamewright, so I was super excited when Sushi Roll (amazon link) arrived on my doorstep — because I love dice games!  It did not disappoint.  There are so many colorful dice and while it’s still a drafting game like Sushi Go!, it’s got some of that “hoping for a lucky roll” dice game fun in it, making it a very yummy mix of two types of games I love.

Sushi Roll Dice game box with all pieces shown

How to Play

There are lots of similarities between Sushi Go! and Sushi Roll including that it’s played over three rounds.  Instead of passing cards during the game, you’re passing “conveyor belts” of dice.  The dice are appetizers, maki, nigiri, specials, and puddings. Each player starts with a conveyor belt of dice that were randomly selected from the dice bag.  The number of dice will be determined by the number of players.  To start a turn, everyone rolls their dice and places them on their conveyor. The player with the RED conveyor will go first selecting one of their dice.  They place it on the tray in front of them and then the next player selects from their conveyor belt.  Once everyone has selected a die, the conveyors are passed, everyone re-rolls and the selection process starts again.

sushi roll dice and dice bagWhy doesn’t everyone select at the same time in Sushi Roll? Because you have chopstick “swap” tokens and menu “re-roll” tokens. Everyone starts the game with 2 of each, and then you can gain more along the way by drafting a chop stick or menu die from your conveyor.  Either token can be played before you select a die and the “swap” token allows you to swap one of your dice for a die from another conveyor (without re-rolling it) whereas the “re-roll” token allows you to re-roll some or all of your dice before selecting.

Many of the other rules in Sushi Roll are the same as Sushi Go!: a wasabi dice will triple a nigiri die, puddings only score at the end of the game, and points are tabulated at the end of each round. There are scoring tokens so it’s easy to keep track throughout the three rounds, and then the player with the most points is the winner.

My Thoughts on Sushi Roll

The big difference here are the dice.  You can tell what kind of item is coming to you because you’ll see an appetizer die or a maki die, but you won’t know what you’re going to roll.  Will it be 1, 2, or 3 maki?  Will you roll a squid nigiri worth 3 points or just an egg nigiri worth 1?  I love the odds/luck that come with dice games so I think I like Sushi Roll best out of the three Sushi Go! games.  With the Sushi Go! and Sushi Go Party! cards, you can kind of predict after a certain point what you’re likely going to end up with and that is just not the case with Sushi Roll.  You might know what dice you’ll end up with — but you could get that amazing roll you need!  Additionally, the Swap and Re-Roll tokens add another way to make decisions in a game that really has a bit of luck to it.  Overall, Sushi Roll is just so colorful, easy, and fun I definitely recommend you try it out — especially if, like me, you love dice games!

Sushi Roll Stats:

~$24 at Sushi Roll on Amazon and local game stores (call first as it’s been selling out!)
2-5 players (I enjoyed playing with 2)
~20 minutes
Ages 8 and up

Game was provided free of charge from the manufacturer with no guarantee of review (I’ve got to like it).