Sushi Go! Party: Top notch expanded edition you MUST own!

I love Sushi Go! You can read my review of the original game, “Sushi Go!: Fun little drafting game for those who have no idea what drafting is” or just take my word on how great it is.

Now Gamewright has released Sushi Go! Party, which I thought I’d like, but it turns out that I really REALLY like it. It’s so much more than and expanded edition that makes it playable with up to 8 players instead of 5. It has tons of new cards (now has 181 versus 108), but it’s not just about adding new cards to the deck. Instead you create a new deck every time you play. You combine certain kinds of cards to create a “Menu.” You use the Nigiri cards in every game and then you select 1 type of roll, 3 types of appetizers, 2 types of “specials” (like chopsticks or tea), and a dessert to make your deck. Like the original game, each card has a different way of scoring it at the end. Some of the cards are the same as the original like the Dumplings and Pudding, but there are new cards like Tofu, Temaki, and Eel. Oh and the tin has a nice little insert so you can keep the cards organized so it doesn’t take long to create your deck.

The instruction booklet gives you some sample menus to start with. They highlight menus that work well with 6-8 players as well as one that works well with 2 players, but after you try their menus out you can easily make your own. The scoreboard is also great in that you put tiles in the board showing what’s on the current menu (what types of cards are in the deck) so you don’t forget how they’re scored.

My Thoughts

Overall I give Sushi Go! Party two HUGE thumbs up. I enjoyed the original game but LOVE the party version. I’m sure many of you are thinking, “I liked the first game but do I need to buy the party version?” YES… yes you do. I think the versatility and replay-ability of this game has grown exponentially with the varying menus.  So why not make a game night of it?  I’ve included a sushi-making kit in the suggestions below.

Sushi Go! Party Stats

~$20 at Sushi Go Party! at Amazon and local game retailers
2-8 players
~25 minutes
Ages 8+