Super Mega Lucky Box: YES PLEASE!

I’ve played a ridiculous amount of Super Mega Lucky Box since it arrived on my doorstep — and I never have to beg anyone to play with me.  It’s quite the hit in my household!  In a way, Super Mega Lucky Box has a slight BINGO feel to it because you have square numbered cards in front of you and someone is calling off numbers.  The goal is to cross off all 9 of your numbers on as many of your cards as you can, and the earlier you do it in the game, the more points you’ll earn for each finished card.

How to Play Super Mega Lucky Box

Super Mega Lucky Box is played in 4 rounds.  You start with 5 cards, you select 3 to play and discard the other two.  Nine number cards are called in each round and you have to decide which card to cross off that number on (it’s all dry erase).  It’s really quite easy.  Once you finish a row or a column, there’s often (but not always) a reward.  The reward can be a lightning bolt, a moon, a star, or a bonus number to cross off.  The lightning bolts can alter the called number by one number.  So if a 6 is called you can turn in 1 lightning bolt to make it a 7 or 5, or you can turn in 2 lightning bolts to make it a 4 or an 8.  You start the game with 4 lightning bolts, but it’s always useful to have a stash of them.  The stars are worth bonus points per round. 1 star will get you 1 point, 2 stars in a round will get you 4 points and if you get 3 stars in a round you get 9 points.  Tip: Do your best to get 9 stars in a round which takes some planning, but is very satisfying.  Moons come into play at the end of the game and the player with the most will add 6 to their score, the player with the least will subtract 6 points (unless you’re playing a 2 player game then there’s no subtracting 6 because that would be cruel.)

Super Mega Lucky Box game in bright yellow box with text, small game bits in green and blue, number cards, cards with 9 numbers and bonuses, dry erase pen and score card showing four rounds

At the end of each round you count up the cards you finished and score them on your little score card. You’ll get 3 new cards to look at and choose 1. After the final round of the game, everyone totals up their per-round card score and then they’ll add in all star bonuses, +/- 6 for the moon, and remaining box score.  Your remaining box score is the number of boxes you have crossed off on your incomplete cards divided by 2.  So if you have 11 boxes crossed off on your remaining 2 cards, you’ll only score 5 (because there are no half points).  Player with the most points wins Super Mega Lucky Box!

My Thoughts on Super Mega Lucky Box

If you read the intro or follow me on social media, you can guess that I’m really enjoying Super Mega Lucky Box.  It’s easy and quick to play, but frustratingly hard to win.  You can have some great strategy, but if you don’t get a nice mix of numbers across your cards you have to hope the numbers that are called are mega helpful! (and vice versa)  The lightning bolts definitely help and so does really paying attention to the bonuses that you get for finishing a row or a column, but still that’s not a guarantee you’ll be victorious.  To me, this is great because I love games that still involve some luck.  It means anyone at the table has a chance and because the game plays quickly, we play best out of 3 or 5 so we have more than one winner.  The only big negative for me is that the lightning bolts and moon tokens are sharp! Do not drop them and step on them.. seriously, you will not feel super mega lucky then!  ha!

Super Mega Lucky Box Stats

~$16 on Amazon or check your local game store first
1-6 players
~20 minutes (I’d say closer to 10-15 unless you have slow deciders in your group)
Ages 8+ (but my 6 year old enjoyed it)

Game was provided free of charge from the manufacturer with no guarantee of review (I’ve got to like it). An Amazon Associate I will earn from qualifying Amazon purchases.