Sneaky Cards: I’m honing my ninja skills

Sneaky Cards LibraryI first got a look at Sneaky Cards at New York Toy Fair when I asked one of the Gamewright sales reps to complete the task of laying on the floor until someone asked if he was okay so I could grab a couple pics. Ha! Now that they’re finally hitting store shelves, you too can participate in this crazy “Play It Forward” game-of-sorts.

What Are Sneaky Cards?

You get a deck of cards that have tasks that range playing a board game with a stranger, to buying coffee for the person behind you in line, to making a card for a ridiculous holiday and giving it to someone. Once you’ve completed the task, you give the card to the person you interacted with. Sometimes you don’t actually interact with anyone and leave it behind in your plane or train seat – but you get the idea. You let someone else complete the card once you’ve done it, hence the tagline “Play It Forward.”

Sneaky Cards CardThe cool thing about this is that you can track your deck. You register your deck at and then when someone gets a card they can track it just like we did with dollar bills back in the early 2000s. Best part is that you don’t have to check back in with your deck because you’ll get an email when someone tracks one of the cards. I’m sure some of you are thinking “oh my gosh, I need another email like I need a dog that vomits all over my nice carpet” but unlike getting “Hurry 60% off!” sale emails, it’s going to be fun for these to pop up in your inbox.

Sneaky Cards Origami

My Thoughts

I started my deck of Sneaky Cards by mailing a couple out to some grammar/junior high/high school friends that I haven’t talked to in a little while, as well as a few family members. Then I went about my daily life and completed a few more, and the first superhero that’s trick or treating at my house on Halloween is going to get a bonus in their bag. Overall, I’m having a good time and I think that this would be a fun little box of cards for a family to tackle. There are some that are easier for kids (putting a card in a locker) and some that are easier for adults (buying someone coffee). The age is listed at 12 because you are interacting with strangers, and I would make sure there’s some supervision when it comes to those tasks if you’re going to involve younger kids.

Sneaky Cards Stats:
~$9 Sneaky Cards at Amazon, B&N, and some local game retailers
1+ players
However long it takes
Ages 12+ (or younger with supervision)