Slappy Camper: Camping-themed fun at home

What a perfect year for a camping game like Slappy Camper from MindWare. Camping and outdoor gear has been HOT during the pandemic, because of course we want to escape to the wilderness to avoid being stuck at home all the time. So kids who hadn’t been campers before are now really into it!  Now that we’re moving into the “mom I want to go home because I’m cold” camping season, you can play Slappy Camper and eat s’mores in the warmth of your home instead!  Yay!

Slappy Camper Back of Box

How to Play

To start Slappy Camper, give everyone a camper and marshmallow on a stick slapper.  Spread all of the camping equipment out on the table and notice some of them are kind of similar looking but not the same.  Give the freshly shuffled deck to someone (preferably someone who you need to slow down a little in this speed game) and get playing.  Once a card is flipped the first person to slap the exact match with their marshmallow gets to keep the object and place it on the grid in their camper.  Slap something incorrect or slap something that doesn’t fit in your camper? Take something out of your camper and return it to the table.  First player who fills their camper without overfilling their campers wins!

Slappy camper marshmallow stick

My Thoughts

Slappy Camper is super easy to learn and very fun to play.  The campers and marshmallow slappers are so cute!!  We did wonder if you could adjust how you’ve packed things into your camper and decided that the youngest players could, but the older players could not and it worked out really well.  I know I’ve talked a bit about themed game nights in some reviews already this fall, like Piece of Pie and Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts Game, because I’m all about keeping life interesting these days, but Slappy Camper would make a great themed game night too!  Find yourself some flashlights or an electric lantern and play on a blanket while enjoying classic outdoor treats.  You know what.. I’ll just toss some ideas into the Amazon list below to make life easy. BTW if you’ve never used a pie iron while camping they are awesome!  Butter or oil spray on the sides so the bread doesn’t stick, then place a slice of bread on each half of the iron, add pie filling (or ham and cheese) to only one side, gently close, and put over the fire (or stove) cook.  Can be done at home for some awesome in-home “camping” magic.  And wouldn’t this make a great gift?!

Slappy Camper Stats:

~$21 at Amazon or other retailers
2-4 players
~15 minutes
Ages 5+

Game was provided free of charge from the manufacturer with no guarantee of review (I’ve got to like it). An Amazon Associate I will earn from qualifying Amazon purchases.