Look at what’s coming back!  Do you remember these?

Look at what’s coming back! Do you remember these?

When you’ve been in the biz for a while, you end up with ex-coworkers all over the place.  Right now most of mine seem to be at Hasbro, but one stayed here in Illinois and is working for Creata/Ultimate Source doing some awesome refreshes of some electronic action toys from the past.  Remember Bulls-Eye Ball, Hyper Slide, and Brain Warp?  Well in addition to new names (SkeeBounce, PowerSlide, and Brain Jam), they’ve been updated with new technology, lights, and more gameplay — and I got to play with the prototypes!!  These are not the production models (hence the weird wires coming out of them), but they work and are being shown at Fall Toy Preview in Dallas this week (they sent me a pic of them since I’m not there).  If all goes according to plan, we’ll see them on store shelves next fall.

SkeeBounce (formerly Bulls-Eye Ball): They updated the material on the trampoline so it’s way more accurate.  It also has a ball holder (hallelujah! how did it not have this before?!), new styling to keep less balls flying off during play, and a new “Powerball” mode plus 4 games.

PowerSlide (formerly Hyper Slide): Great new super-bright light feature with 4 colors, 4 games including solo play, and the pucks neatly store in the top (versus in the arm with a little cover which was kind of weird.)

Brain Jam (formerly Brain Warp):  This was was the oldest out of the bunch and used a ball and gravity before which is such old-school toy technology!  It’s been updated completely and has six games, tons of LEDs, and a really awesome new design.  There’s one mode where it directs you which side to flip upward but flashes a different color — it’s so evil, but fun to play!

So this article is totally a tease because they won’t be out for a while but if you were fans of any of them and are dying to get your hands on the newer, cooler, updated versions (or missed them and want to try them out), I’ll let you know when to expect them in your local game aisle.  You can also follow them on twitter: @ultimatetoy