Silver & Gold: A dry erase treasure of a game

Silver and Gold BoxI know Silver & Gold is not that new — it’s not even that new to me!  It’s a small box and somehow it got buried in my pile of games to try and I didn’t know it was missing.. for like a year.  It happened once to Anomia too. Both great games so both got “late but still awesome” type reviews.  It happens and if you saw my office you’d understand. It’s like a terrifying wonderland of half finished ideas and game parts. ha!

How to Play

To start off Silver & Gold, players are given four treasure cards (the ones where you will be crossing off the boxes) and each player will select two to start with.  When you finish a card you’ll draw a new one from the four in the middle of the table.  The game is going to be played in 4 rounds and the player with the highest score at the end wins.

In each round, 7 of the 8 shape cards will be flipped.  Start by flipping one shape card and at the same time everyone is going to cross of boxes on one of their two treasure cards in the same shape.  You can flip it or mirror it but it has to stay the same shape.  If you can’t cross off that exact shape, you can choose to cross off just one box instead.  If you’ve crossed off a coin you’ll mark that on your score card.  Cross off a line of coins will receive a bonus, but the value of the bonus will go down as people claim them.  If you’ve crossed off an X you can mark of a bonus box anywhere on either of your cards. And lastly, if you cross off a palm tree you’ll take a palm tree bonus — but these bonuses change! You’ll count up your palm tree, plus the number of palm trees shown on the four new treasure cards in the middle of the table and that’s the bonus you’ll take.  You can only take 4 palm bonuses throughout the game so it’s important to really pay attention to when you’ll receive the best score.  Once 7 of the 8 shape cards have been drawn, the round is over, the shape cards are reshuffled and the new round begins right away.  After four rounds you total up your points: coins and coin bonuses, palm bonuses, each completed treasure card has a value, and some treasure cards add value to other completed treasure cards.


Silver and gold game layout and parts

My Thoughts

I really enjoy Silver & Gold. It’s quick, it’s playable with a wide age group, we’re all playing at the same time, and it’s so nice and small we can bring it with if we go somewhere (when life lets us do that again… sigh).  It’s puzzle-y, but not frustrating.  I think every turn I felt like I made a good move — although there really is no telling who is going to win until the end.  There are several different strategies to take – do you go for lots of coins or are you really focusing on getting as close to 5 tree points each time you cross one off? Are you plowing through cards as fast as you can, or making sure you always take ones that you’ll get bonus points for?  Again, really enjoyable and I’m pretty sure you’ll see this one again on one of my holiday lists because I’m enjoying it that much.

Silver & Gold Stats:

~$20 at Amazon and local game stores
2-4 players
~20 minutes
Ages 8+ (with no reading I’d say 6+ for regular game-playing kids)

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