Share and Sparkle Unicorns: What kid doesn’t love cooperative sparkly unicorns?!

First off, Share and Sparkle Unicorns from Peaceable Kingdom is MY game so this post is going to be biased but I hope that doesn’t stop you from reading it.

Share and Sparkle Unicorns Back of Box with all game pieces and a picture of the inventor

As you likely know, Peaceable Kingdom does kids cooperative games and Sparkle and Share Unicorns is no exception.   There are 4 lovely unicorns and players are going to work together to fill their crowns and necklaces with the correct colored gems before the sneaky troll steals enough to fill his bag.

How to Play Share and Sparkle Unicorns

Each player gets a unicorn and the troll starts with 5 non-red gems in his bag.  It’s easy to remember as you just have to fill the top row.  On a player’s turn they’re going to roll the die.  If it’s a number, they select that many gems from the bag and place them on their board.  Any that don’t match open spots go into the troll’s bag.  If it’s the troll, you may steal 1 non-red gem from the troll.  And if it’s a gem, you take one gem from the bag and give it to another player.  If you pull a red gem out of the bag on your turn, it goes straight into the troll’s bag.  Then you’ll flip one of the red gem tiles and either you’ll put one of the troll’s gems back in the bag or ALL of the unicorns will have to return one gem to the bag.  Once a player finishes their unicorn, on their turn they’ll give the gems they collect to other players (or the troll if no one needs it). If all unicorns can finish their crown and necklace before the troll fills his bag, you win!

Share and Sparkle Unicorns shows 4 different colored unicorns with holes in their crowns to fill with gems and a troll board, purple velvet bag, red gem tiles, a die and lots of colorful gems.

My Biased Thoughts

As many parents know, theme can be key to enticing a kid to play with a new game.  If you know a unicorn or princess or sparkle loving kid, Share and Sparkle Unicorns is the game for them.  Each player has their own unicorn and even if you don’t get the unicorn color you love, each player is collecting multiple color gems.  The play is sweet and simple and as my child proved to me during play testing, it’s enjoyable to play with even when you’re not playing the game.  Pulling gems from the bag feels like a surprise and the satisfaction of looking at your completed unicorn makes Share and Sparkle Unicorns a winner (yes.. biased)  And because it’s cooperative there’s a sense of togetherness in stopping the troll from stealing the gems.  Peaceable Kingdom did an AMAZING job with the quality of the board and the packaging.  The boards are thick and the velvet bag is a nice “regal” purple really making the whole game feel magical.  The box has a fun, unique shape and sparkle printing, making it look like far more than a $20 game.  Lastly, if you’re looking for the educational value in this game, younger kids will have to work on color recognition and fine motor skills in addition to learning to share.  Slightly older players can focus on strategically sharing their gems. Overall for $20 I think you’re going to make some unicorn-loving kid very very happy with this game.

Share and Sparkle Stats:

~$20 on Amazon (or call your local game store)
2-4 players
~10 minute
Ages 3 and up