Saying Goodbye to The Game Aisle

2022 was quite the year.  I took an extended break from The Game Aisle and my plan was to start reviewing again after I returned from vacation — where we played a ton of fun new games that I was eager to talk about.  The last hurrah of my time off was 4th of July weekend.  If you follow me on Twitter, you probably already know that my vacation didn’t end on a high note as my family and I were in the Highland Park parade shooting.  Physically we are fine, but a traumatic event like that sticks with you and I did not want to go back to reviewing.  I wanted to hug my family and keep them close.  I wanted to write my legislators about how events like these cannot continue to happen and something needs to change.  My burning desire to share my love of games with anyone willing to read The Game Aisle, sort of… fizzled.  I decided to give myself more time off.

Now that our calendars have turned from 2022 to 2023 and I’ve taken some time to reflect, I’ve decided my time writing The Game Aisle is up.  When I started, there weren’t many reviewers focusing on what was new in mass market games or covered what they saw at New York Toy Fair.  Now there’s such a blur between mass, specialty, and hobby games — it’s AMAZING!  I’m so thrilled that tabletop games have taken off in a way I never imagined when I started The Game Aisle in 2009.

Thank you to anyone who read one of my posts, played a game I recommended, or said hi to me on Twitter or Facebook over the last ~13 years. While I won’t be posting any more reviews, I’ll still be on social media so feel free to say hi! -Kim