Sagrada: Love this colorful dice drafting game!

Sagrada game dice in a player board multi colored dice with pips in a grid

sagrada dice on board

UPDATE: Sagrada wins the 2017 Best Casual Game of the Year Award

If you haven’t heard about Sagrada yet, it’s a beautifully colorful game about stained glass windows where you’re using colored dice to “create†your masterpiece in exactly 10 rounds of play.  Each player has their own window to complete and they get a board with a grid and you start the game by selecting a card to insert.  This will show what color or number die you need to place in your grid.  Not all grid cards are equal, some are tougher than others (they may have fewer free spaces or limit the dice choices you’ll have during the game).  Each grid has a value and harder cards get you more “Favor Tokens†and I’ll get to that in a little bit.

Setup is done and then the game is easy – one person rolls dice based on the number of players.  They select a die to add to their board and then the next person goes (using tools along the way if you want to).  Once it goes around the table once, the last player to go gets to go again and then it reverses around the table ending with the roller.  They get to choose between the last 2 dice on the table and they select 1 and the other is moved to the board to count the round.  When placing a die on your board, you cannot be all willy-nilly about it – no, there are rules!

1. You must start at the edge of your board and all dice must be placed adjacent to a previously placed die.

2. The die must obey any shade or color restrictions on your grid (duh).

3. You can never place dice of the same number or color next to each other.  Diagonals are cool, but the dice above/below, to the right/left of your die must have different numbers and colors

And this is why this game is so awesome, you need to plan some of your moves  Your grid will limit where you can place things, you want to score as many points as you can, but those darn dice may never come up with the right color/number combination.  It’s beautifully frustrating and fun at the same time.

My Thoughts on Sagrada

Sagrada game in box

Overall I really enjoyed Sagrada!  I was able to play it a couple dozen times while I was gone and I never felt that one person was dominating play.  And once you got through setup and could explain the dice placement it was smooth sailing for new players after a round or two.  The theme is also approachable – maybe dull for some, but it’s colorful and the game components are incredibly nice!  Really glad this one is in my collection!

Sagrada Stats

~$40 Sagrada on Amazon, local game stores <– much easier to find here right now!
1-4 players (never played solo, but 2 player was just fine!)
~30-40 minutes (this hugely depends on how quick people make decisions!)
Ages 13+ (I think 10+)


Side Note: If you don’t know anything about the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia check out their website for some lovely pictures of their beautiful windows: