Sagrada wins Best Casual Game of 2017

Sagrada wins Best Casual Game of 2017

Congratulations to Floodgate Games and designers Adrian Adamescu and Daryl Andrews on their Best Casual Game win for Sagrada!  

Sagrada was up against Go Nuts for Donuts from Gamewright and designer Zachary Eagle and Azul from Plan B games and designer Michael Kiesling.  12 judges consisting of “popular media personalities” within the game industry nominated games and then the public got to vote.  The public vote counted along with the final votes from the judges and obviously Sagrada came out on top.  You can read the Game Aisle’s review of Sagrada HERE and Go Nuts for Donuts HERE.


Haven’t heard of the Best Casual Game award?  That’s because it’s the first year that this award has been given out by Casual Game Insider Magazine/Casual Game Revolution.

Lastly, I know some folks have had trouble finding Sagrada — and that’s because it’s sold out lots of places.  Remember that advertisement “Phone First! Before you go?” (just a Chicago thing?) anyway — call your local game store to see if they have it in stock. Same goes for AzulGo Nuts for Donuts however, you can find for pretty cheap (especially in comparison to the other two!) on Amazon:

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