Rolling America: Fun playing solo OR with a group!

Earlier year, Qwixx from Gamewright quickly rose to a spot in my top 3 dice games, and I was sent a copy of Rolling America, I was curious if Gamewright was going to have another top 3 dice hit!

Rolling Japan

How to play Rolling America

Rolling America improves upon on the 2014 release of Rolling Japan, and it can be played as a head-to-head game with as many people as you’d like or as a solo game. Each player has a map of the US with the 50 states broken up into 6 different colored regions. The goal of the game is to score the fewest number of Xs. On a turn a player draws 2 dice out of the bag. In the bag there’s 1 die for each color region plus one clear wild die. The two dice are rolled and everyone uses the numbers rolled to fill out their map.

A number or an X needs to be filled out in each state box on the map, and the one rule is that touching boxes MUST be filled with a number that is the same, 1 above or below, or an X. There are also “guarded” numbers where you can draw a circle around a number and it doesn’t count – but you can only do that 3 times in a game. You can also write a number rolled on your sheet twice and that’s called “duping” and it’s only allowed 3x. You’re also allowed to change the color of a number that is rolled and again, it’s only allowed 3x. There’s a little checkbox area in the corner of each scoresheet so you can keep track of your “guards,” “dupes,” and color changes.

IMG_1109There are 7 dice in the bag, but since dice are pulled in pairs, only 6 dice are played per round. After a pair is drawn it doesn’t go back into the bag until the end of the round. There are 8 rounds in a game and at the end of the game, any box that was not be filled out becomes an X. You will likely already have a few Xs because you couldn’t play a number/color combo that was rolled. Players pass their card to the player next to them and they double check that all adjacent states are filled out with numbers that are legal. Then all of the Xs are counted up and the player with the least is the winner!

My Thoughts

Overall, I enjoyed this little brainteaser of a dice game. It’s clever and you really need to start with a strong strategy, but you’re also at the whim of the dice, which makes it frustratingly fun! Not having every color played each round is another element that makes planning a little difficult but in a good way. I feel like I could play this over and over in hopes of creating a personal best. In my Yahtzee box, there’s a “Highest Score” scoresheet that’s been there for years. I feel like the same thing is going to happen with Rolling America!

Rolling America Stats

~ $11 Rolling America at Amazon, and some local game retailers
1+ players
10-15 minutes
Ages 8+

Game was provided free of charge from the manufacturer with no guarantee of review (I’ve got to like it). An Amazon Associate I will earn from qualifying Amazon purchases.