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Review Submissions and Industry Help

This is the FAQ section of The Game Aisle including how to get your game reviewed on my site.  If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please check out the “About the Game Reviews” page.  Thanks!

kim-illinois-jenga1. I’ve got a great idea, can you help me sell or license my game?

Sorry, no.  I may consider taking on more clients in the future, but right now I’m only acting as an agent for a VERY small handful of people. In the mean time, please check out these great resources:

  • The Toy Industry Association’s website has lots of tips for breaking into the industry here: TIA Toy and Designer Guide
  • The Toy and Game Inventors Conference is held in Chicago every year and it’s one of the only places you can show your inventions to some of the top inventor relations people and buyers in the business.  Check it out: ChiTAG New Inventors Track

2. Can you please review my game?

Maybe – please read this answer carefully.  I always have a stack of games on my desk awaiting a game review, but I’m willing to look at other products.  Because of the volume of games out there it’s best to send me a blurb on what your game is (use the comment box below – I won’t post it).  I’ll email you back and let you know if I’d like a sample to try.  I’ll play it within a couple different settings and if I like it I’ll review it.  If I don’t think I can review it I will respond to you via email and will donate the products to a local library, school, park district or community group so you still get some PR out of the deal.

Please keep in mind the types of games I’m reviewing on this site; I don’t write about hard core “gamer” games, games that take longer than ~30 minutes, games that require technology (ipad, iphone, etc.), dirty/adult (ages 18+) games, or full-on educational games. I also require that games be sold by Amazon.  Why?  When I review a game I am encouraging people to go out and buy it and readers don’t really like when a game is impossible to find.  I’ve also learned that for some people purchasing from a small manufacturer’s site can be uncomfortable, hence the requirement.

3. My game is on Kickstarter; can you review it and help me promote it?

Sorry, no.  For the same reasons as stated in #2; my readers like games they can buy and play now.

4. My game is available only through Game Crafter, can you review it? 

Sorry no. Please see question 2 paragraph 2.

5. I have an app or computer game; can you review it?

NO.  I only review “tabletop” games (i.e. ones played without added technology ) so that also excludes board games that you download an app for.

6. I sent you a game AGES ago and you still haven’t reviewed it.

If there wasn’t so much IP sitting on my desk, I’d include a photo with this answer.  If you haven’t gotten an email from me, I’m still working on it.  Each game I see gets played a couple of times – big groups, small groups, with kids, with a bunch of semi-inebriated adults and then I have to write the review!  It’s hard to get through all of that quickly considering this isn’t my full time job.  Please be patient – you know the Heinz slogan…”Good things come to those who wait.”

7. Why only good reviews?

I don’t really think anyone wants to know which games stink.  They want to know which ones are worth their time and money.  So I only spend time writing reviews on games people might enjoy reading about and then playing.

8. How do I contact you?

Please use the box below and don’t forget to include your email address so I can respond.

9. I’ve sent you a LinkedIn request/message/InMail like 5x — what gives?

I love social media… I just prefer to spend my time on Twitter and Facebook.