Raccoon Rumpus: My cute little idea is a HIT!

Last week was a good week for Raccoon Rumpus as I found out that it was named as one of the “30 Coolest Toys of the Year” by Family Fun magazine!  It has also been awarded the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval and an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal – so overall, it sounds like people like it.  YAY!

Raccoon Rumpus TGAAlmost better than the awards are the numerous notes from relatives, friends, collegues and friends of friends with stories and pictures of their kids, grandkids, friend’s kids, etc. having fun playing it. To me, that’s what makes it a winner!  Awards are great, but knowing that I’ve helped put smiles on the people around me is the best!

Now, I can’t take all of the credit for the great success of Raccoon Rumpus, a bunch has to go to the great folks at Educational Insights.  They’re known for putting together some amazing looking product – so while my chipmunk prototype was darn cute (below right), their raccoon is adorable!

Raccoon Rumpus PrototypeFor those of you new to the business, with most licensing agreements you hand over creative control to the company you’ve licensed your idea to.  This often means they can re-theme it as they wish, call it what they’d like and style it as they choose.  I don’t think this is a bad thing – often I’d say it’s quite the opposite.  Yes, there are a few horror stories about items being changed to their detriment, but for the most part a company know what sells for them and they are going to do what they can to give it the best possible chance to succeed.  Sometimes letting go is hard, but having a great partner helps.

How to Play:

Enough about business, let’s talk about the game!  Raccoon Rumpus is a game for children 3 and up and is focused on color recognition.  Players each start with a raccoon card and the costume cards are spread around face-up.  The goal of the game is to dress your raccoon in five costumes.  On a turn, a player rolls the 2 dice and one die will tell them if they get to select a top or bottom – or one of each — of the color shown on the other die.  So if they roll Red and Bottoms they can draw the princess or the baseball player.  If a player rolls the top and bottom side of the die, they collect 2 cards.  And if they roll the underpants they must return their raccoon to it’s tighty whiteys, and after a good laugh they must return all of their costumes to the playing area.   For older children, you can flip the cards over and play a Memory-style game too!

Instead of asking somewhat – biased friends and family to review this for me, I searched the internet for blogger reviews of Raccoon Rumpus and was thrilled with what I read —  all wonderful reviews!  So if you don’t trust my shameless self-promotion, maybe you’d like to read what these bloggers had to say:

Blogger Quotes:

Mommy Testers blog:

“I picked up a copy of Raccoon Rumpus when I visited the Educational Insights booth at Toy Fair.  I saw hundreds of toy and game companies at Toy Fair and this was one of my favorite preschool games I saw.” (Right is a picture from the Mommy Tester’s blog post – So Cute!)


“Highly Recommended” by Tots and Me blog:

“The children loved playing Raccoon Rumpus. The first time they played they played 3 games in a row.”


Mama to 5 Blessings blog:

“My kids LOVE this game!… When we play this game they do not want to stop playing! We have many games that we play but my kids have gotten bored playing them but not with Raccoon Rumpus. This game is fun for the whole family while teaching colors, matching and memory!”


Jersey Family Fun blog:

“Even after playing the game for a week, they still giggle when we open the box.”


Home Grown Families blog:

“As soon as my 4 year old saw this game, she went nuts!  She took it out of the box and began to play with it immediately.  It only took a few minutes for the older two to jump in.” (Picture at right from Home Grown Families Blog post — Adorable!)


Raccoon Rumpus Stats:

~$15 at  Raccoon Rumpus at Amazon and your local game store
2-4 players
~10 minutes
Ages 3 and up