Qwixx: My New Dice Game Obsession

Qwixx AllI think I’m in love with Qwixx.  No really, this has quickly moved to the tip-top of my list of favorite dice games (and I really like dice games).  In a nutshell, here are the top 5 things I love about this game:

1. It’s not just luck, there are plenty of strategies to try out in this game.  

2. You have to pay attention and make a decision even when it’s not your turn.

3. It plays just as well with 2 players as it does with 5.  

4. It’s pretty small (so it travels well) and the box has a lovely magnetic closure.

5. Unless someone is a slow decision-maker, turns go rather quickly.

What don’t I like?  I don’t like that I’m burning through score sheets like some people tear through boxes of Girl Scout Thin Mints**.  It’s definitely more difficult to explain to someone than say Yahtzee, but that’s because there is so much more to the game.  And I’m not 100% sold on the name as there are a lot of underused alphabet letters, which made us a little uncertain of the correct pronunciation (but that’s being picky.)

Qwixx scorepads

How to Play

The goal is to score the most points.  You score points by crossing off numbers.  There are 4 rows of numbers, each a different color, and two of them go from 2-12 whereas the other two go from 12-2.  The main rule is that you have to start on the left and go to the right — and if you pass up a number, well you’re out of luck.  There are 2 ways to cross off a number.  When the dice are rolled on a player’s turn, they first yell out the total of the two white dice and this number anyone (or everyone or no one) can cross off in any row on their sheet (as long as they follow the right to left rule).  After that has been done, the player who rolled the dice gets to choose a second number to cross off using 1 white die plus one colored die.  So if you had a white 3 and a red 6 you could cross off a 9 in your red row. On your turn you must take a number or take a penalty (worth -5 at the end of the game).  The game ends when 2 rows have been locked out (by a player crossing off the 12 or 2 at the far right of the score pad, or someone has 4 penalties.  You count up how many numbers are crossed off in each row and score accordingly.  Those are the highlights and the player with the highest score wins.  Be sure to read the instructions before you play as there are some rules I glazed over here that are important to the strategy of the game.

Qwixx has been on my “to buy” list for AGES and I just got around to getting it now and I’m so glad I did.  It’s getting a ton of play time with family and friends this summer… so GO BUY IT NOW.

Qwixx Stats

~$10 Qwixx at Amazon, local game retailers
2 or More Players (it says up to 5 but we played with 7)
~15 minutes
Ages 8 and up

** Note: You can buy additional score pads at Gamewright’s website OR someone was nice enough to post a PDF at on Board Game Geek 



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  1. Rita Fox

    On the last roll there was two 6’s on WHITE and a RED 6 which allowed all 3 of us to mark a row and lock it out…our question is, would the Active Player be allowed to do the second action and also mark the RED ROW and count these with the final score. It made no difference in THIS game as to tbe winner…but it was interesting to decide on it. What’s your opinion?

  2. Kim Vandenbroucke

    This question came up for us too and our decision was that because the white dice must be resolved first the player would not be able to do their second action (the colored die) if the game ended after players marked the white dice. Hope that helps!

  3. Linda

    Any special rules on locking out …whether you are the roller or other player? Can both lock out on the same color at the same time if using the white dice?

  4. Kim Vandenbroucke

    Since the white dice has to be “resolved” first, we allow any player who is going to lock out a color to do so on the white die. (If you lock out the red and I lock out the yellow using the white dice, the game is over). If someone wants to lock out red using the white dice, and that’s the 2nd color locked out the roller would not be able to use the colored dice as the game is over. Hopefully that helps!

  5. Duffy

    As non-active player, when a twelve is rolled on the white dice can I cross out the red or yellow 12 even though I haven’t crossed out five other blocks?

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