Qwirkle: It’s turning 10!

10th anniversary qwirkleThis year Qwirkle is celebrating its 10th Anniversary, so big CONGRATS to MindWare and Susan McKinley Ross! In honor of the milestone they’re releasing a 10th Anniversary Edition which includes four tile racks, a Qwirkle score pad, and pencil. Those last two are no big deal, but having the tile racks is rather nice, and they’ve included a note from Susan along with some fun tidbits about the game in the instructions.

Overall, I’d say that this 10 year anniversary is a reminder that if you haven’t played Qwirkle you should. It won the Spiel des Jahres in 2011, has sold over 2 million copies, it’s in 40 countries, and has several spin-off games. It’s an elegant blend of Scrabble’s tile placement with a bit of Rummikub in that you are either placing things that are the same shape or the same color. It’s playable for ages 6 and up and you don’t need a giant vocabulary or anything to play, so it’s very family friendly.

Interview with the Inventor

I asked Susan how she’s going to celebrate Qwirkle’s anniversary and here’s what she had to say:

“We had a launch party for Qwirkle when it first came out. We invited all our friends and family to come over and play the game.  It was the first game I’d designed and I was so happy with the way it turned out that I wanted to show it to everyone I knew.
We’re planning a 10 year anniversary party for Qwirkle later this year. It will basically be the same party we had 10 years ago. This time as well as Qwirkle, we’ll have all the other Qwirkle games available for people to play – including the special 10 year anniversary edition, Qwirkle Cubes, Qwirkle Cards, Qwirkle Trio, Disney Qwirkle, and Star Wars Qwirkle. It will be fun to celebrate with people who have watched Qwirkle grow over the years.”

More about Susan

If you want to read more about Susan, there’s a wonderful interview of Susan HERE on the T&GCon Blog. Here’s a excerpt:

What was the inspiration for your award-winning game, Qwirkle

“Two of my friends are excellent Scrabble players. I was watching them play and I realized that my favorite part of Scrabble is when you make two words at once.

A few days later I had a dream where I saw something similar to a finished game of Qwirkle. I got up and made the first Qwirkle prototype that morning. Qwirkle changed from that first version, but it really was inspired by what I saw in my dream.”

Qwirkle 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Stats

~ $30 MindWare.com, and some local game retailers
2-4 players
~30 minutes (could be longer depending on decision-making time)

Qwirkle Stats

~ $19-25 at AmazonMindWare.com, and some local game retailers
2-4 players
~30 minutes (could be longer depending on decision-making time)
Ages 6+

Looking for more Qwirkle?

Amazon also has: Qwirkle Travel $15, Qwirkle Cubes $22, Qwirkle Trio $30