Qwingo: Not quite Qwixx but still great for groups!

Qwingo: Not quite Qwixx but still great for groups!

I love Qwixx and Rolling America so of course I wanted to take a look at Qwingo, the latest to the line of dice games from Gamewright.

I will state that I did not love it as much as I love Qwixx, but not often does a game like Qwixx come around where it immediately shoots into one of my all-time favorites.  With that said, the great thing about Qwingo is that it is SUPER easy to understand.  Remember the first time you explained how to play Qwixx to the relative who has a hard time following instructions and you were like, “it isn’t that hard – everyone plays the white dice only the roller gets to use the colored ones!!” (just me? Don’t worry… they don’t read my site.)  Anyway, Qwingo is super easy to explain.

The goal: There are 5 columns and you want to be the first to fill it with numbers in order with the lowest numbers being at the top and the highest numbers at the bottom.

The Setup: You need to write the numbers 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 on your sheet.  You can only place 1 number in each column and you can place it in any box you want (but remember top is low, bottom is high).

The play: Player’s take turns calling out a number 1-100 and then they roll the die.  Everyone places the number called out in the column rolled.   Can’t place the number because it won’t be in order, then don’t write anything.  Did they roll a lightning bolt?  That’s a wild; place the number anywhere! First player to fill a column is the winner.

Sounds pretty easy right? It is!  And like Qwixx and Rolling America, everyone is involved in every roll and it’s got an element of frustration.  But unlike those two games, Qwingo has a slight bit of strategy against your opponents.  In Qwixx and Rolling America you’re doing what’s best for you on your board with only the closing out of rows in Qwixx really having any impact on your opponent’s play.  In Qwingo it’s wise to call out numbers that are likely to benefit you and not your opponents.  What do I mean?  Well if you could place a 21 in 3 of your rows but your opponent could only use it in one, if you call 21 the odds are pretty good that you could use it in a space they can’t.  And if you miraculously roll the row they could use a 21 in – call 21 again your next turn! (Calling the same number is totally legit!)  Intentionally calling numbers that were not useful for other players gave this game some fun competitiveness/banter at game night!

And now… something negative.  I didn’t like this as a 2 player game.  I think Qwixx and Rolling America are AMAZING 2 player games, but the times I played this as a 2 player we “Qwingoed” at the same time just because we were getting the same numbers and sticking them in the same columns.  It was tough.  So what we did was played 1 roll on our own and then 1 roll together.  It sounds strange, but it worked!  Contemplating trying it that way with the big group too!

Qwingo Stats:

~$10 Amazon, local game stores
2-5 players (more maybe?)
~15 minutes
Ages 8+