Point Salad Wins Casual Game of 2019

Congrats to AGE and designers Molly Johnson, Robert Melvin, and Shawn Stankewich on Casual Game Revolution naming Point Salad Best Casual Game of 2019!

You can read all about the very close vote — complete with the public voting for Parks and the judges voting for Point Salad — on the Casual Game Revolution website.   Beyond beating out Parks, Point Salad beat the other nominee Tiny Towns.  Other honorable mention games that did not make the top three to be voted on were, Letter Jam, Slide Quest, Horrified, Obscurio, Draftosaurus, and Push.  Sadly, I’ve never played Point Salad, although it’s been on my bucket list for a little while.  Tiny Towns is currently sitting behind me on my shelf waiting to be played after all of the Toy Fair craziness subsides (26 days away!!!) and Parks was one of my top picks of 2019.  So all in all, they seem like great choices and I’m now (definitely more than before) looking forward to playing Point Salad.  If you are curious on how to play, check out the video below: