Playing Santa: It’s not too late!

It’s been more than a month since “Black Friday” and exactly a month since “Cyber Monday” so I’m guessing many of you have most of your holiday shopping done – but did you forget something?  Did you remember to include a new toy or game to a child in need on your shopping list?

We’re in the toy and game business and we’re not only here to make money but also to create happy memories.  We all know that the financial situation of many families has changed over the past decade.  Families who once awoke to piles of toys under the tree have been receiving less loot and for those families who Santa was already leaving only a small gift or two, he might not be visiting at all.

Like many of you I have happy memories of getting gifts from Santa and I can’t imagine a childhood where Santa forgot me, but for some children that is a reality.  So I do my best to donate toys and games during the holiday season.  I collect freebies I get throughout the year at industry events and add those to the ones I go out and buy to give to Toys for Tots or one of the other groups who collects toys for children who Santa might forget.

It’s less than a week until Christmas and I know I can still find plenty of donation places in my area to drop “yet to be delivered” gift from Santa.  Look around your house for unopened toy or game samples or run to your local toy store and buy one and donate it.  Make sure that every child has those warm-hot-cocoa-and-cookies Christmas morning memories this year!