Piece of Pie: A yummy pie drafting game

piece of pie game boxIt’s time to review Piece of Pie from Blue Orange games – YUM! I don’t know about you, but I like pie way more than cake, especially fruit pies.  Yet I’m embarrassed to say that we tested this game without making it a themed game night.  What was I thinking?  Still, Piece of Pie was enjoyable to play.

How to Play

First thing to note, if you’re playing with 2 or 4 players you play with all the pie.  If you’re only playing with 3, omit the pie with the slightly overdone bottoms.  Then start making random pies face up in the middle of the table.  The rules have specific directions as to how, but just be quick and random about it. Now there’s a coin that gets placed the center of the pies that will indicate which piece to start with.  Make sure that’s on the proper 3 or 4 pie side and it gets placed in the middle of the pies.

Players are going to take turns selecting pie slices. They will have to start with one of the slices that the coin points to and on subsequent turns they can select either piece next to the missing piece(s).  No stealing pie from the far-side of the pie or from other players. Same rules apply for the pie(s*) you’re making.  You’ll start with one piece, but every piece you add after that will have to go right next to an existing slice of pie.  No floating pie pieces and no moving pie once it’s placed.  *In a 2 player game each player makes 2 pies instead of 1.

piece of pie game pieces laid out on table

You’re working to make a high scoring pie.  You’ll be scored on three things: decoration, flavor, pattern, and perfect piece. First everyone will be given a Perfect Piece card that you’ll keep secret.  Every slice of that flavor will earn you 1 point.  Decorations are: chocolate shavings (1 pt for piece with chocolate shavings), frosting (3 pts for each pair with frosting), shapes (5 points if you have a star, flower ,and heart set on your pie).  The flavor and pattern cards are drawn at the start of the game and they are placement goals everyone shares.  Once everyone’s pies are completed, you score and the player with the most points is the winner.

My Thoughts

I don’t know if any of you recall the game Piece O’ Cake that was out ages ago (you can read my review).  It had pieces of “cake,” that looked just like pie; now it’s the game New York Slice.  Anyway, at first glance I thought Piece of Pie looked a bit like Piece O’ Cake and it turns out they’re both quite enjoyable but play quite different.  The one thing that could have made this game better – cherry pie slices. I love some good cherry pie and just do not understand why they chose strawberry instead of cherry pie. Overall, I enjoyed Piece of Pie. There were some comments about it feeling like “Sagrada-lite and tasty.”  It’s a stretch as there are no dice, but it’s got that nice placement challenge and secret color goals that everyone enjoyed.  We found it quick to play and very family friendly.  I recommend you get it for your next game night — but really, don’t forget the REAL pie too! (Note: I’m linking to hostess cherry pie below.. but that is not real pie unless your desperate for pie.)

Piece of Pie Stats:

~$16 at Amazon or your local game store
2-4 players (I like with more than 2)
Ages 8 and up

Game was provided free of charge from the manufacturer with no guarantee of review (I’ve got to like it). As an Amazon Associate I will earn from qualifying Amazon purchases.