Peekaboo Barn: The button on this game is the best!

Peekaboo Barn: The button on this game is the best!

Know what pretty much all small children love?  Big buttons…. or little buttons, or medium buttons, heck — if you can press it, a small child will love it.  It’s why elevator rides and calculators are still super cool to the 2 and under crowd.  Educational Insights sent me a sample of their new coop game for 2+, Peekaboo Barn, and every 2 and 3 year old who played with the sample was in love because of the giant button.  

The game itself is pretty simple; there are animals on a ring around the barn and when you press the silo/giant button, the animals spin.  The animal who lands in front of the barn is “put to bed.”  Putting an animal to bed involves taking them out of their spot on the spinning ring, flipping them so the sleepy side is up and you open one of the two sets of doors on the barn and put them inside.  It’s very cute.  Then you spin again.  If you spin the rooster, he’s likely woken one of the animals up so you remove an animal from the barn and put it in an open spot on the spinny ring and spin again.  You play until all of the animals are in bed.

Here’s how Peekaboo Barn played with the 2 year olds:  They did very well taking turns pressing the button (which surprised me), although I must say they sometimes pressed it a couple times in a row as if they were using a salad spinner.  Getting the animals out of the ring was a little tough for some of them, but they were good about deciding where the animals should be put to bed.  Apparently for this little group, the animals who eat hay (cow, horse) should sleep on the 2nd floor because that is where the hay is stored.  Made sense to me.  They were unable to put the animals back in the ring, but a parent could easily do that.  We played through it once with the full rules of removing an animal when the rooster was spun, but after game 1 it was reset and they put animals to bed and spun the spinner like it was a toy.  Frankly, I think any game for kids this age that can also be played with solo or as a toy is a winner to me!  

BTW – yes this Peekaboo Barn game is related to the best selling app, but your kid doesn’t need to know anything about for them to enjoy this game.

Peekaboo Barn Stats:

~$23 Amazon
2-4 players
~10 minutes
Ages 2+

Game was provided free of charge from the manufacturer with no guarantee of review (I’ve got to like it).