Peeing Pup: Otis, the puppy behind Hasbro’s Peeing Pup Game

Have you seen Peeing Pup??!! 

It’s my latest game, out now everywhere (it was a Target exclusive during the holiday season) and it’s AMAZING.  Yes, of course I’m biased, but it really is fun!

Peeing Pup Game with cutout to show dog centerpiece

So you want to know how I came up with the idea for Peeing Pup? Remember when you got a puppy (or someone got a puppy) and everyone wants to hold it and pet it but you’re really hoping that you’re not the one to get peed on?  Yeah, well that’s exactly where I got the idea for the game.  I had a meeting coming up at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair with Hasbro and I needed one more item to sort of “round out” the meeting.  I was sitting at the kitchen counter watching my sweet puppy Otis (who was 3 at the time) thinking how big he’d gotten when the idea struck.  Wasn’t he such a cute puppy??  Cute but peed if he got too excited (thankfully he’s grown out of that) so of course I thought everyone wants a game about peeing puppies!  (In fairness, this was years ago — before the poop craze.)  And the rest is history!  The Hasbro team did some amazing work to make Peeing Pup what it is today, and it’s downright adorable.

Otis the puppy Otis the puppy

So go out and buy Peeing Pup and now you can wow your friends by knowing that the idea came from a cairn terrier named Otis who spends most of his time chilling (his choice) in his crate that’s built into the desk of the inventor.  Oh and he snores.

Bonus: it’s 20% off at Target through Jan 19th!

Target Ad showing Peeing Pup box circled below 20% off

CLICK for Link to Peeing Pup at Target


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