Not It!: A compact, quick, fun dice tower game

Not It! from The Good Game Company is a quick family-friendly card and dice game that comes in a solid dice tower that doubles as it’s storage case.  Don’t know what a dice tower is?  A dice tower is a device that’s been around for centuries to ensure players roll dice fairly.  There are plenty of ways to cheat at dice believe it or not, that’s why games like Yahtzee come with a cup.  It’s another way to stop players from cheating.  A dice tower can be quite decorative and it sits squarely on a table – no shaking required.  You drop the dice in the top and out they bounce near the bottom.  The most famous dice tower is probably the Vettweiss-Froitzheim Dice Tower (pictured below at right), a roman artifact discovered in Germany.  It’s from the 4th century AD and they believe it was presented as a gift and the text is a good luck wish.  How cool!  (Homeschooling right now? what a cool bonus less this would be!)

dice towers

Right: Not It! Game, Left: Piblic Domain, a photograph of the Vettweiss-Froitzheim Dice Tower. Roman, fourth century AD. (Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn)

How to Play

The fact that Not It! is in a dice tower makes it cool to begin with as it’s a fun way to roll.  In  Not It! one player acts as the king and will drop three dice into the dice tower, and the rest of the players will look at the cards in their hands to find a card that matches NONE of the dice.  One die has 6 colors, one die has 6 characters, and one die has 3 patterns.  Players race to place their card on the table and yell “Not It!” Once everyone has played (if they can) the cards are revealed.  The King first determines if anyone played a card that matches one of the three dice, if they did they take it back and take an additional card as a penalty.  Then the king announces who was last to play their card and they put their card back in their hand. Everyone else gets to discard their card.  Players start with 5 cards in their hand and the first to discard them all is the winner! The player who is the king rotates throughout the game.

No It game with storage

My Thoughts

Like I said in the title, Not It! is very quick to learn and fun to play for kids 6+ — if your kid(s) like speed games, and I recognize that not every child does.  But if they do, the dice tower makes it stand out from other speed games. The dice tower is made of very solid plastic that doubles as the packaging and storage container.  It neatly keeps the dice, cards and instructions in a slide with a little slide-up lid (as pictured above).  No flimsy box, zero disposable packaging — that’s a HUGE win for me!  The dice tower itself could also be used for other games, so you’re getting a game AND a dice tower for the price of (or less than) just a dice tower.  Sounds good to me!

Not It! Stats:

~$18 at Amazon
3-5 players (the more the better!)
~10 minutes
Ages 6 and up

Game was provided free of charge from the manufacturer with no guarantee of review (I’ve got to like it).