Monopoly Junior: A kids game classic

I was surprised when a friend mentioned that they’d never play Monopoly Junior because they’re “not a Monopoly family.”  Monopoly can be quite polarizing for some families, but if you have kid in the right age for Monopoly Junior I really do suggest you should give it a try.  Using the classic iconography of Monopoly, Monopoly Junior makes for a fast and easy to understand counting game for kids.

How to Play

Players start with a certain number of $1 bills, determined by the number of players.  Roll the die and move around the board.  If you land on a property, you must buy it or pay the owner rent (the price on the board).  If someone owns both properties of the same color they will collect double when someone lands on their property.  Properties are marked by little tokens with images of the movers, so it’s easy to see who you need to pay.  When a player can no longer pay to buy a property or pay rent, then the game is over.  All other players count how much money they have and the player with the most is the winner.

Monopoly Junior Unicorn Edition with board and unicorn animals


There are so many versions of Monopoly Junior.  The classic one found at most mass stores like Target and Walmart has a dog, a cat, a car and a boat seen above.  The exclusive to Amazon version is the Unicorn Edition that is super cute with a unicorn, a caticorn, a dogicorn, and a turtleicorn. In both games the colors on the boards are the same as Monopoly, but they’ve been given new, kid-friendly names.  There are also TONS of licensed version of Monopoly Junior — which means you can find something that is bound to make just about every kid happy! monooply junior versions Disney Princess, Frozen, Incredibles 2, and Yo-kai Watch

My Thoughts

Unlike the “never-ending” game complaints some folks have about regular Monopoly*, Monopoly Junior plays quite quick.  Maybe almost too quick sometimes, but when you’re playing with young players maybe that isn’t bad. You can always say “let’s play again!” and let someone else win.  One big thing I like about this version is that the game ends when someone is out of money.  No one wants to be the odd player out while the game continues until everyone but one player has gone bankrupt.  The chance cards are also nice as can bring good fortune to either the player who drew it or one of the other players.  Overall, even if you aren’t a fan of Monopoly, I think Monopoly Junior is a fun and easy version of the original most young gamers are sure to enjoy.

*please stop putting money on Free Parking.

Monopoly Junior Stats:

$15 at Amazon for the regular version, $18 at Amazon for the Unicorn Edition
2-4 players
~10 minutes
Ages 5+

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