Monopoly Ditches 3 Tokens!

Monopoly Ditches 3 Tokens!

As many of you know, Hasbro put all of the Monopoly tokens on the chopping block back in January and they asked everyone to vote which to keep and/or which new ones to add.  If you liked the thimble, the wheelbarrow, or the boot — I’ve got bad news; they’re gone.  If you were dying to be a T-Rex to stomp throughout Atlantic City then I have good news for you, it got the second highest vote tally behind the Scotty Dog (both of which got my votes!)  Battleship barely made the cut and the Tortoise just missed being added by taking the 9th spot.  You can see the totals at Purple Pawn.   Below is a pic of the eight Monopoly tokens that will be in games starting in the fall.

The funny thing is that 2 of the new ones, Penguin and Rubber Ducky, are already available in the Token Madness edition of Monopoly, so it’s really just the T-Rex we are waiting on.


What did you vote for that DIDN’T make the cut?

Sliced Bread got one of my votes because I wanted to be able to say “You’re not better than sliced bread!” Not many folks agreed with me on that as it was near the bottom — but not as far down as Bunny Slipper!  What is that?!  Who doesn’t want to be a Bunny Slipper?! The answer is not many as it was 13th from last out of 64.  What came in dead last you ask?  The Rain Boot.

If you’re just plain depressed about the change, don’t forget that Winning Moves has a Classic Edition of Monopoly with no T-Rex, Rubber Ducky, or Penguin to ruffle your feathers.  (It even has the Iron, Cannon, and Horse and Rider, all of which were booted from the game well before this year!)