Mega Mouth: Read my ENORMOUS lips!

I love when packaging explains how to play a game, and Mega Mouth from Big G Creative really gets it done!  I feel like I just need to put a picture of the box below in the “how to play” section and I’ll get to my thoughts on the game.

How to Play

Mega Mouth Box with Woman

Did that work? Obviously you can guess that one person is going to silently say words while using the hilarious mouth magnifier and other players are going to guess. Yep, those are the basics! The game is played in teams and the first team to collect 21 scoring chips wins.  Teams take turns and they get 30 seconds to get as many of the words as they can off their card’s list of 7.  They’ll correct a token for each correct answer.  Once the first team reaches 21 the second team gets a shot at tying or beating them.

My Thoughts

Guessing the word or phrase someone is trying to say isn’t radically new.  It’s very similar to the many dental mouth-guard games that have been out there BUT this game is missing one big thing those games have: SPIT.  There is no spit in Mega Mouth and to me that is so key.  It still has the humor but I’m not disgusted by someone else’s mouth slobber anywhere near the game.  Even if you are a mega germaphobe (aren’t we all these days?) it’s super quick to wipe down the Mega Mouth magnifier before anyone else comes near it.  Yay!

There are 2 player rules included in the box, but obviously this is a game better played with at least 4 people. It’s funny, quick, obvious and family-friendly.  Just make sure there’s no food in your teeth before you play!

Mega Mouth Stats:

~$20 at Target ONLY
4-8 players (there are directions for 2 players but it’s not as fun)
~20 minutes
Ages 8+ and up

Game was provided free of charge from the manufacturer with no guarantee of review (I’ve got to like it). An Amazon Associate I will earn from qualifying Amazon purchases.