Magician’s Kitchen: Storybook beautiful award-winning game

Magician’s Kitchen: Storybook beautiful award-winning game

Are you familiar with Playroom Entertainment’s Three Magician’s?  If you’re not, I’m sure you’re going to be hearing more about them soon because they are just too cute not to notice!  Playroom Entertainment first launched games featuring the adorable characters and this year at New York Toy Fair they launched puzzles and toys too.  Now, each game has a magical mechanical feature that makes it unique and couple that with amazing, storybook-like artwork it’s hard not to want one in your kid’s collection.

The Three Magician’s game I’m going to talk about today is Magician’s Kitchen, which won the 2011 Kinderspiel des Jahres (Children’s Game of the Year in Germany).  The goal of the game is to be the first little magician to move 4 “ingredient” marbles from your side of the board into the cauldron of the correct color.  The thing is, there are magnets throughout the base of the board.  Some help launch the marbles from the top of your character into the cauldrons, but if you get too close to one on your way to another cauldron or run across one of the other random magnets, they’ll trip you up and you’ll lose your marble.  Characters are moved about the board in a somewhat non-traditional way – they’re pushed using little wands.  It’s pretty cute and is a fun and somewhat challenging task for kids, although way too easy for adults.

Once a player has all placed all of their ingredients in the cauldron, it’s time to light the fire. The fire in the center of the playing box needs to be lit using a real glass marble, which is passed from player to player until someone successfully lights the fire.  Lighting the fire is by far the most satisfying part of the game.  You put the marble on the top of your character, use your wand to push it to the star space in front of the fire and hope when you hit the magnet that your character tilts just right to land in the middle of the plastic centerpiece.  If it does the flames pop up and you are the winner!


Overall, Magician’s Kitchen is a beautifully done toyetic game for 5-7 year olds.  Unfortunately it’s too easy for adults to honestly compete against their kids, but you can always play with your left hand!

Magician’s Kitchen Stats:
~$25 Amazon, Fat Brain Toys and lots of mom & pop retailers
2-4 players
10-15 minutes
Ages 5 and up (but more like 5-8ish)