Global Toy News: Why we should be looking at Cards Against Humanity

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Back in December of 2010 Richard wrote a blog about an alternative way of funding a toy/game project and of course he was talking about Kickstarter.  (Read it: “Need to find investment money? Try “Kickstarter”) In the article he mentioned a little game called Cards Against Humanity.  It got funded via Kickstarter in early 2011 and since then has been a sort of viral hit.

Cards Against Humanity is vile, offensive, disgusting and really, REALLY funny.  In the past few years it’s probably the only game I‘ve gotten asked about regularly and since I write a game blog, I do get asked about games pretty often.  Since the only place to purchase the game is Amazon, people aren’t seeing it in stores and buying it because it looks fun, no it’s solely word-of-mouth.  In fact, it’s in a black box with white writing so there are no cool graphics to entice potential customers who do not know much about the product.  This item does a great job of proving that word-of-mouth is a very strong marketing tool in the game industry.

Cards against humanity 3rdexpThe other thing that makes this game worthy of an article is that it’s beyond offensive.  It absolutely lives up to it’s name – but its really  popular.  So why is this a big deal?  Social games we play now might be PG-13 at worst, but this is beyond an R or M rating.  Yet it’s been out for a while and is still gaining traction.  Now I don’t think that Cards Against Humanity fit into the family-friendly image that many of the big box stores or major manufacturers are going for so we’ll probably never see a “Dirty and Offensive Apples to Apples” go up against it, but does it’s popularity signal that the current game industry is too PG?  Why did so many people buy this hard to get, no-frills, dirty and offensive game?  Are they also buying the latest electronic wonder from Hasbro or Mattel?  Or has it captured a new segment of the market?  Either way, it’s hard not to take notice of a game that breaks so many unwritten rules within the industry and sells so many copies.  In fact, it’s already on it’s third expansion plus they did a special 2012 holiday pack that sold over 85,000 sets.

For a game that started on Kickstarter, allows you to download the original game for free as a PDF to print on your own, is rude and offensive, is sold only from one venue and doesn’t have colorful and fun graphics it’s VERY impressive — but is it a fluke or a sign of what’s to come?

If you want to know more about Cards Against Humanity including how to play, you can read the review of it here:


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  1. Dave Hofer

    OK, we played this over the weekend. It was alright. Some of the cards just sounded like they were trying SO HARD . . .

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