Lemonade Shake Up!: Refreshing dice coop game for the whole family

Maybe it’s because it’s January and we’re dreaming of summer that we’ve been playing so much Lemonade Shake Up!  There hasn’t been a single game that we haven’t come down one person’s turn to see if they can bring us back from the brink to secure victory!  Really, it’s quite amazing how stressful a game about a lemonade stand can be.

Lemonade shake up box

How to Play

The idea behind Lemonade Shake Up! is actually very cute.  There are twelve customer cards that are laid out on the table, and each customer wants either lemonade, limeade, or strawberry lemonade.  On your turn you get 3 rolls to make one of the drink recipes and then sell it to a customer.  The 5 dice have lemons, limes, strawberries, spoonfuls of sugar, and spills on them.  And, for example, to make lemonade you need to roll three lemons and a spoonful of sugar.  If you are able to roll those ingredients in three rolls, you have made a glass of lemonade and you flip a customer card that shows lemonade.  On the back it shows 1-3 quarters and that’s the number of quarters you add to the jar.  You want to fill the jar with quarters to win.  But it’s not that easy, if you make a mistake and aren’t able to make a drink by your third roll you have to place a sour lemon on a customer — use all four sour lemons and you lose!  But there’s a catch, if you roll three spoonfuls of sugar in three rolls then you can remove a sour lemon from a customer.  Whew!

Lemonade shake Up game bits

My Thoughts

Like I said in the intro, we haven’t played a single game of Lemonade Shake Up! where there wasn’t a high-pressure turn or two which has made it extremely enjoyable (especially if you love dice games!)  The last time we played, none of us could make a drink on our first turn so we started with three lemons!  The other thing I like about this game is the recipe board.  It’s not just that it shows how many of each ingredient you need, it’s also meant to place the dice on so it makes it easier for younger players to see what they have and what they still need.  And while we’re taking about younger players, there’s no math in this game, but the earning and talking about money is really fun for those pre-k kids who love to play store and/or restaurant.

Overall, we really enjoyed Lemonade Shake Up!  It’s good, quick, family fun that’s easy for the younger gamers to get and still has the pressure of a dice game for parents and older kids to enjoy.  And if you loose, it’s quick enough to start over and play again!

Lemonade Shake Up! Stats:

~ $18 at Lemonade Shake up on Amazon and some local retailers
2-4 players
Ages 4+