Leaps and Ledges: Did someone make a better SORRY!? They did.

Leaps and Ledges boxRecently I was asked to give the game Leaps and Ledges from MindWare a try. I had seen the game at Toy Fair but didn’t have much time at their booth so I only knew a little bit about it, but I definitely recalled its HUGE colorful tower.

How to Play

tall leaps ledgesIt’s a game for 2-4 players and plays a lot like classic Sorry! Each player has 4 characters they have to get all of them from the tabletop to the top tier and avoid getting knocked off by their opponents along the way. Like Sorry!, moves are controlled by cards – there’s a trade positions, move 1-3 spaces, move up or down 4, and then some general number cards. Unlike Sorry! you get to hold 3 cards in your hands so you can try to plan your moves – which is good since you need to make it to the top on an exact move. Additionally, if you land on the same tier as someone else you knock them off, unless they have 2 or more characters on that tier as that means they’re safe. Therefore, if you can’t make it to the top, your goal might be to make sure your opponent doesn’t either!

My Thoughts

Overall, I liked it. I’ve talked before about how I like classic Sorry and I think Leaps and Ledges made some nice improvements. For starters, the giant tower will make it easier to convince your kids to play since it has this great visual in comparison to a square game board. Additionally, they can make their characters scream as they fall off the tower! The one drawback that both games have is that you need to play with 3-4 to make it good game. Leaps and Ledges (and Sorry!) both CAN be played with two, but it’s just not the same.

Leaps and Ledges Stats

~$30 Leaps and Ledges at Amazon and some local game retailers
2 -4 players
~15 minutes
Ages 8 and up

Game was provided free of charge from the manufacturer with no guarantee of review (I’ve got to like it). An Amazon Associate I will earn from qualifying Amazon purchases.