Holiday-Themed Games!! Part 2: Christmas

As I mentioned in my previous post highlighting Halloween games, I think games are a great way to celebrate the holidays!  If you’re looking to expand your collection to make sure you can stay merry at home or with family or friends, here are some suggestions for Christmas themed games by age:

Christmas Themed Games

Not It Crazy Christmas Edition showing cards, 3 dice coming out of chimney-like dice tower

Not It! The Crazy Christmas Edition

The Good Game Company • Ages 6+ • 3-6 Players • ~10 Min, $15 on Amazon

This is my top pick on this list for so many reasons! I already own a copy of Not It! and it’s a great speed dice and card game that comes packaged in a plastic dice tower.  The one I have looks like a little castle tower but brilliantly, they Christmas-ified it and made it look like a fireplace.  You drop the dice down the chimney and out pops Santa (or Mrs. Claus, Frosty, etc.)  It’s ADORABLE.  The cards are also very Christmasy and the the game is super easy to learn.  You look at the dice and you need to be the first to spot a card in your hand that does not match any of the dice and you don’t want to be last!  Enjoy with cookies for sure! HUGE Bonus: everything packs up nicely in the very sturdy dice tower if you choose to put it in storage until next holiday season.  (Also makes for a fun drinking game if that’s your thing)

Something Wild Peppermint Lane card game in box with Santa figure

Something Wild! Peppermint Lane Game

Funko Games • Ages 6+ • 2-4 Players • 15 Minutes • $8 on Amazon (preorder until November 15)

I mentioned the Nightmare Before Christmas version of Something Wild! in part 1 of this post and this game plays exactly the same — but it includes the cutest little Santa Pocket Funko Pop! Note this game isn’t available until November 15th but you can pre-order now.



12 days game box wiht stained glass like artwork that shows a turtle dove

12 Days

Calliope Games • Ages 8+• 3-5 players • ~15 Min • ~$20 on Amazon

The 12 Days card game has been out for a while, but it’s very family friendly with some beautiful stained-glass inspired artwork.  Play takes place over “12 days” or 12 rounds.  Players give a “gift” aka a card, to the player on their left.  Then everyone looks a their hand of cards and places one face-down on the table hoping to be the lowest numbered card. If you played the lowest card, you win the round card.  If 2 players tie, both lose the round and the second lowest card wins (tricky!). Win rounds and hold on to groups of cards to earn points.  Quite an interesting little card game with a beautiful holiday theme!

Patchwork Christmas Edition showing holiday themed patchwork fabric and a gift on the box

Patchwork Christmas Edition

Lookout Games • Ages 8+ • 2 Players Only • ~30 Min • ~$30 Target and a few other places

I have to mention Patchwork again because I love it so much.  They previously put out a Christmas edition to the game and it is so pretty.  All of the pieces are tied up like gifts and the buttons are golden.  It also comes with a cookie cutter so you can enjoy playing it while you wait for your cookies to bake.  Yum!

Welcome to Winter Wonderland wiht holiday themed box art

Welcome To: Winter Wonderland Expansion

Deepwater Games • Ages 10+ • 1+ players, ~25 Min • $10 on Amazon for expansion

Welcome To is a game I still enjoy after playing it probably a hundred times.  It’s a nice, easy and relaxing all-play game where players are numbering houses in their town hoping to get all houses numbered and achieve bonuses along the way.  It’s essentially a roll and write style-game, even though it uses cards. This expansion will require the original game, which is ~$25 on Amazon. The expansion sheets are so cute with little Christmas lights on the houses and the included goal cards fun too.  Out of all of the Welcome To expansions I think this one is my favorite.

Did I miss one?  Let me know!  Hit me up on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram — I’d love to hear your suggestions!