Holiday Picks 2021

Can you believe it’s almost December already??!!  So it’s time for my holiday picks.  Admittedly, as I started my list earlier in the year I was thinking that availability was going to be an issue and I was right!  These on the list are all available now (the day I’m hitting the publish button).  If you really want anything — on this list or not, I’d say get it soon just to be safe! Picks are from youngest to oldest hope you find something that’s the perfect gift.

Please remember that local stores still need us more than ever, so before you click my link see if your local store has it.  Bonus, they’ll probably wrap it too! yay!

Share and Sparkle Unicorns with plush backgrounded all the unicorn boards and gems and troll board showing

Share and Sparkle Unicorns

Peaceable Kingdom, Ages 3+, 2-4 players, 15 Minutes, ~$20 at Amazon

I previously reviewed Share and Sparkle Unicorns, and it’s a great gift for any Unicorn-loving kid.  The game has players trying to fill the unicorn’s crowns and necklaces with gems before the troll fills his bag with gems.  As this is cooperative, hopefully every player will have a beautifully bedazzled unicorn at the end of the game!

Dragomino box with a cute purple dragon on it


Blue Orange, Ages 5+, 2-4 players, 15 Minutes, ~$20 at Amazon

If you’re a fan of Kingdomino (Amazon link) and you have kids in that 4-6ish range, this is a great game to start with.  It’s very similar to Kingdomino but has more of a kid-friendly domino play.  It has great artwork and cute little dragons in the game, it’s a fun way for the family to play together and make the younger kids feel like big kids.

Throw Throw Avocado game in box showing two foam avocados with faces and a deck of cards and a large fear me circle

Throw Throw Avocado 

Exploding Kittens, Ages 7+, 2-6 players, ~15 Minutes, ~$25 at Target

If you loved Throw Throw Burrito (see on Amazon), as many people did, Throw Throw Avocado is the extension/stand alone follow up game.  It stands up well in both applications and if you like playing dodgeball card games with foamy food, these are the games for you!

Kim Joy's Magic Bakery Game with lots of cards on the table in three different colors with cute and colorful illustrations

Kim-Joy’s Magic Bakery

SkyBound Games, ages 8+, 2-5 players, ~20 Minutes, $20 at Amazon

Are you a fan or do you know a fan of The Great British Baking Show who remembers Kim-Joy’s adorable bakes?  She helped make this family-friendly, extra adorable cooperative card game.  The game is pretty simple but the art and theme really bring it to a showstopper level!

Super Mega Lucky Box game in bright yellow box with text, small game bits in green and blue, number cards, cards with 9 numbers and bonuses, dry erase pen and score card showing four rounds

Super Mega Lucky Box

Gamewright, Ages 8+, 1-6 players, 20 Minutes, ~$16 at Amazon

Also previously reviewed, Super Mega Lucky Box was one of my top (and most played) games of 2021.  It’s frustratingly addictive as you KNOW you can do better and you want to quickly start a new game.  It’s got this lottery or bingo-like feel but you get to choose which card to cross that number off on.  It’s simple but oh so strategic! Fun to play with a group too!

Trails game in tall slim box showing all of the tiles with beautiful artwork. Shows cards, tiles, wooden bits, and the wooden sun.


Keymaster Games, Ages 10+, 2-4 players, ~30 Minutes, ~$20 at Target only

I love PARKS (see on Amazon), so TRAILS was a welcome follow-up.  It has the same amazing artwork and it shares some DNA with PARKS, but it’s different enough to feel like a new experience.  I especially like TRAILS with 2 players (3 is good too) so if you’re looking for a solid 2-player game to gift, this is one!

Next up… Stocking Stuffers AKA – small games usually at a lower price.