New Year Thoughts and a Pause

Happy 2022!  I wish all my readers a happy and healthy new year filled with family, friends, and lots of games!

New Verse Same as the First?

Amazingly, the same question has been running through my head now as it was in 2020 — should I go to New York Toy Fair? Back then it was just a virus that was in the news spreading quickly.  It was before shutdowns and mask wearing began.  I went and we still hugged, but used way more hand sanitizer.  Many of my friends and acquaintances returned from Toy Fair with the “worst cold/respiratory ailment they ever had.”  Was it Covid-19?  I don’t know, there’s always some convention crud going around, but I guess it was there.  Before long, we read in the news that Javits was a field hospital and it seemed like Toy Fair happened in a long ago time and place. And I miss that long ago time and place!  I miss seeing everyone, all the booth chatter, all of the parties — it was FUN!

2021 felt different without the trip to New York, the rushing to meetings and booth walkthroughs, the networking events — the year felt off without going.

I thought 2022 was going to be the year!  We were taking about going to NY Toy Fair back in September with hopeful excitement, but then we met Omicron and doubts started popping up again. Vaccinations are required (I have mine plus my booster!) and I’m sure people will be sporting their KN95 masks.  Still, I’ve decided not to go.  Many companies are conducting inventor relations meetings virtually instead and while I’m a game blogger, I’m also an inventor.  I like doing both, but at this point it feels that doing both isn’t as easy as it was before.  So I’m going to take a pause from blogging for a little bit as I prep for my meetings.

Regardless of the article slowdown, I’ll still be active on social media (twitter, facebook, instagram) as it seems like that’s the best way to reach other game lovers/industry folks. Want to say hi, wish me luck on my meetings, or witty game joke my way?  I’d love to hear it:

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