Hisss: Even 3-4 Year Olds Need Good Games

I recently got asked for a suggestion for a “simple fun kids game” – you know, something for the very young soon-to-be-game lover.  There are a ton of these games out there that cover memory, matching, follow the path, counting, gross motor skills, etc.  And in my eyes the true test on whether these games are good or not is if the parents have fun (or at least a decent time) playing them.  As kids reach 7-10 years they’re fine playing most games on their own, but when they’re only 3-4 years an adult really has to play with them so unless you love stomping the youngins at Memory and Elefun, you need to find something that somewhat levels the playing field.

A game I like is Hisss.  It’s manufactured by Gamewright here in the USA, but was first seen in Germany (I believe).  Anyway, it’s a cute game about building multi-colored snakes.  On each turn, players randomly flip over cardboard tiles and either add it to an existing snake with a similar color section or start a totally new one if the color doesn’t match anywhere.  If you finish a snake by adding it’s head or tail you get to collect all of the tiles in that snake.  The player with the most tiles wins.

I really don’t have much to add in regards to commentary about this game.  It’s cute, simple, it’s easy to teach the youngsters, and it comes in a really nice, thick box.  (I hate games in cheap boxes.)

Hisss Stats:
~$12 at Amazon and your local game store
2-5 Players
~5-15 Minutes
Ages 4 and up (or a 3 year old who understands taking turns)

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