Hi Lo Flip: Card game with fast changing fortunes

I realize that I’ve been posting A LOT recently about food-based games, so I’ve decided to change it up this week with a family-friendly card game from Gamewright called Hi Lo Flip.  There’s zero food theme in this game, actually no theme at all, just a nice classic colorful card game for everyone to enjoy.

How to Play

To play Hi Lo Flip, first you start by shuffling the 100 cards and dealing 7 to each player.  Flip the Hi Lo chip to see if the oldest player goes first or the youngest.  Once the first player has gone, you’ll follow what the chip says.  If it says “Hi” you must play a number higher than the top card on the discard pile, the opposite for Lo.  You must play a card if you can, but if you can’t you get to flip the chip.  Hopefully you’ll flip the opposite of what it currently says so you can play a card, but if not you’ll need to “reset” the game.  That means that the last player to play a card collects all of the cards in the discard pile for their score pile.  Then you play any card from your hand to start a new discard pile.

There are some special ability cards in Hi Lo Flip, they are:

  • Numbers ending in 1  – next player gets skipped and draws 1 card
  • Numbers ending in 2 – you MUST immediately play a second card. If you can’t you go straight to Reset, unless it was your very last card.

A round ends when a player plays their last card and collects all of the discard pile PLUS 10 points for going out.  Everyone counts up their collected cards and each card is worth 1 point except for cards ending in 0, they are worth 10 points. Shuffle and play another round.  Game ends when one player reaches 75 points.

Hi LO FLIP game

My Thoughts

First, I should say that more than ever I’m enjoying “classic-feeling” games.  Maybe it’s the pandemic and all the stress around the election and virtual schooling, but there’s something easy and simple about playing a game with not too many rules that doesn’t take too much brainpower to play.  Yes, Hi Lo Flip still has some strategy to it, but you’re also somewhat at the whim of your cards, the coin, and the other players.  It’s a really nice mix!  I liked the game best with more players versus just 2-player, and it’s because the cards could change much more between turns. Hi Lo Flip is definitely an “easy get” kind of game that’s nice and colorful.  It says 8+ but I think most game playing 6 and 7 year olds could enjoy it too.

Hi Lo Flip Stats:

~$15 at Amazon or your local game retailer
2-6 players (the more the better!)
~15-20 minutes
Ages 8 and up (maybe younger)

Game was provided free of charge from the manufacturer with no guarantee of review (I’ve got to like it). As an Amazon associate I will earn from qualifying Amazon purchases.