Happy Bunny: Blue Orange Cooperative Preschool Game From Peggy Brown

Happy Bunny: Blue Orange Cooperative Preschool Game From Peggy Brown

I previously reviewed the game Where’s Mr. Wolf from Blue Orange, you can read that review HERE.  They released two of these play-in-the-box preschool games this year and Happy Bunny is the younger of the two.

In Happy Bunny the players are acting as the bunny and you are playing against the farmer and you’re hoping to get the longest amount of carrots.  “Longest amount of carrots” — that sounds a bit weird, right?  Well it’s because you’re not playing for the MOST carrots, instead, at the end of the game you’ll place all of the carrots the bunny collected in a line (with carrot fronds touching carrot tip) and you’ll compare that line of carrots to the line the farmer collected.  The longer line is the winner!  So really, you want to collect more tall carrots, but because they are hidden in the board you don’t know until you pull them!

The players all share the bunny mover and on their turn they roll the die and move ahead to that color space.  Each space has a number and that number tells you how many carrots to pull.  The ones you pull that have bites taken out of them go to the bunny’s pile.  The ones without bites missing go to the farmer’s pile.  The game ends when the bunny completes the track going through the field.  Then the carrots are laid out top to tip so you can essentially measure the amount of carrots the farmer has collected and the bunny has collected.

Just like Where’s Mr. Wolf?, Happy Bunny is quite adorable!  The pieces are well made, the characters are super cute and the board has great “presence” on the table and will entice any little gamer.  The preschoolers I played with loved pulling out the carrots and had no problem sorting them between the bunny and the farmer.  The game was designed by Peggy Brown (known for a ton of other children’s games such as Count Your Chickens, Seek-A-Boo, Q-Bitz Junior, and Willy’s Wiggly Web), so I’m not surprised that this game is as lovely as it is.

Happy Bunny Stats:

~$20 at Amazon, local game retailers
1-4 players
~15 minutes
Ages 3 and up

Game was provided free of charge from the manufacturer with no guarantee of review (I’ve got to like it).