Gravity Maze: What happens when you mix toys and brainteasers!

Gravity Maze BoxIt’s always easier to convince someone to play something that looks really cool and Gravity Maze looks like an awesome toy but is definitely a fun brainteaser!

How to Play

The name “Gravity Maze” pretty much gives you the basic idea and the tagline “Falling Marble Logic Game” fills in the rest.  The goal of each challenge card is to get the marble from the “Start Position” to the Target.  Each challenge card gives you the location of the start tower and the target.  The start tower will be one or two of the nine tower pieces and the target is the tower with the red container.  Each tower has dots on the sides to make sure they are aligned properly as they will redirect the marble in different directions (see below) — or in the case of the target, it only has one opening and that needs to be facing the correct direction.  At the bottom of each card it shows you which color towers you need to add.  Interestingly, the towers may not always be standing upright, but instead sometimes they’re laying on their side and this is indicated on the card.  Some of the cards will also have non-start or target towers placed on the board to make it more challenging.  Click the image at right to see the “How to Play” image from the Think Fun website if I’ve left you confused.  There are a few rules you have to keep in mind when you’re erecting your solution.  One of the more important ones being, “the ball can’t ever drop more than 1 level.” And they mean it.  If you ignore this, you’ll be chasing the marble cross the table.  There are others regarding how to create a proper path and how to attach the towers.  It’s a little cumbersome because you’re just itching to start, but will make your experience way better if you bother to read the tips first.

Gravity Maze Cards

My Thoughts

Overall, I like Gravity Maze but not quite as much as I liked Laser Maze.  Why?  Mostly personal preference.  I like thinking about the solution in my head before jumping in and building it.  In this game, each piece has so many different re-directs it made it a bit more difficult to visualize.  With that said, it feels more like a building toy than Laser Maze and it’s far more satisfying to finish a challenge because the ball moves so smoothly from one tower to the next.  In regards to looking cool — Gravity Maze takes that crown easily!  It really does look pretty bad-ass; not exactly what you’d expect from a brainteaser!!

I also think it’s great that ThinkFun highlights the inventor (and puzzle creators) in the instruction booklets — and not just by name, they do a whole blurb on them.  This one was invented by Oli Morris, “Inventor and model maker by day, game-busting puzzle-decoding enthusiast by night!”  LOL!  Love it!

Gravity Maze Stats

~$30 at Gravity Maze at Amazon,, and your local game store
1 player
how long do you want to play?
Ages 8 and up