Go Nuts for Donuts!: Such a yummy game

I love donuts.  I know they’ve got zero nutritional value, but there’s nothing quite like a well-made old fashioned donut with a great cup of coffee to start your day.  Therefore, I’m all for a game that is about one of my favorite food weaknesses because it gives me a great excuse to do a themed game night (great donut party supplies below)!!  Thankfully, Go Nuts for Donuts! is also a really fun game for 2-6 players so this isn’t a one-time thing.

How to Play Go Nuts for Donuts

If you enjoyed Sushi Go! I’m pretty sure you’ll love Go Nuts for Donuts! too – and bonus, it’s easier to explain to your friends.  They’re similar in that they both are asking players to collect cards (in this case donuts) to earn points and the player with the most points wins.  For example, Glazed are worth 2, Powdered are worth 3 (which perplexes me since everyone knows powdered donuts are the worst!), Donut Holes are worth more based on the number of Donut Hole cards you have, etc.  Some donuts have no value but have special effects, like the Chocolate Frosted which allows you to take the top card off the discard pile.  Wait… “discard pile?!†you’re probably thinking – who would ever toss out a donut?! Ah.. well, they don’t do so willingly.

Go Nuts for Donuts Game


Go Nuts for Donuts Game box back showing some different donut flavorsIn Go Nuts for Donuts! everyone plays at the same time.  The donut case has 1 more donut than the number of players.  (The deck is also adjusted based on whether you have 2 players, 3 players, 4 players, or 5-6 players and that’s easily done by color coded cards with bonus symbols for the colorblind.)  Once the donut case is laid out, players mull over their selections. Each donut has a number chip above it and when players decide what they’d like to order they place a small number card face-down in front of them.  After everyone decides, players all flip over their cards.  Then you start resolving in numerical order starting with donut #1 – and this is important* because you’ll be digging some donuts out of the trash or stealing from other people.  Whenever anyone has selected the SAME number donut, that donut is tossed out (oh the horror!!!)  If only one player selected a particular donut, they collect it and do the action immediately (if there is one).  If you steal a donut or take one from the garbage you do not get to take the action on the card – that would be cheating!  When there aren’t enough donuts to fill the case, the game is over and everyone totals up their points!  (Note, we asked Gamewright if you can score the Maple Bar more than once if you have 6 kinds of donuts and the answer is yes.)

My Thoughts

The group loved Go Nuts for Donuts! It’s fun, it’s easy to learn, there’s a bit of strategy but not so much that your friend who overanalyzes everything takes forever to make a decision.  The cards are cute, the theme is fun, and there was a great discussion regarding which donuts are everyone’s favorite …and which ones sound disgusting.  (I’m looking at you Raspberry Frosted and Mucho Matcha).  I didn’t like the 2-player version quite as much as I enjoyed playing with more players.  There were too many turns where we both had to go for the same thing and knew it so those turns felt wasted.  With more players you can at least hope that someone else is going to block your opponent from taking their fourth Boston Cream.  Still, if you can find only one someone to join you for a game morning with coffee, donuts, and Go Nuts for Donuts! then I say go for it!

Go Nuts for Donuts! Stats:

~$14 Go Nuts for Donuts on Amazon, local game stores
2-6 players
~20 minutes
Ages 8+

*We did this incorrectly the first time we played.  We tossed out donuts that more than 1 person requested first and then collected the rest of the donuts in order – but you’re really missing out on the beauty of the game if you do that.  There’s a ton of strategy to thinking that 2 people are going to go for X but if you go for that Chocolate Glazed no one wants that’s AFTER the X that everyone does, you’ll get to fish it out of the trash!

Game was provided free of charge from the manufacturer with no guarantee of review (I’ve got to like it — and I really did!)