Five Little Fish: My favorite preschool fishing game!

There are tons of fishing games for preschoolers, which seems odd since I don’t really know many that actually fish, but Five Little Fish from Ravensburger is downright adorable.  It comes with two plastic fishing rods, five plastic fish with telescoping tails, and 36 lily pad cards.  Play is of course, super simple: on a turn you’re going to flip a lily pad card and it will show you which color fish you need to catch.  Now all of the fish look like they’re poking their cute little heads out of the water, but when you hook one with your rod and pull it up — like magic the rest of the fish’s body seems come out of the water!  Each of the five fishes has a different color body, so if you happened to snag a fish with the correct body color you get to keep the fish. Place the fish in front of you.  As players take their turns, the fish will move around the table and it will start to get a bit hard to remember. There are wild fish cards where you can steal a fish from anyone, but if you flip a toad card you have to put a fish back.  The player with the most fish when all of the lily pads are gone is the winner!

Five little Fish game with box and pieces laid out showing fishing rods, and fish heads and circular cards

Five Little Fish is super cute for preschoolers, and it’s easy to make shorter if necessary by removing a few of the lily pads. Overall, the kids loved it and the fish tails seem so magical to kids that age it’s not hard to get them interested in playing.  It’s also a great for motor skills and memory too!

Five Little Fish Stats:

~$15 at Amazon
2-5 players
~10 minutes
Ages 3 and up