Feed Fuzzy: Filling those chubby cheeks!

Feed Fuzzy: Filling those chubby cheeks!

A little over year ago an industry friend of mine, Tim Walsh, and the owners of Tree Toys started the US based company Getta 1 Games.  I got to see their booth at New York Toy Fair and check out some of their games.   Getta 1 Games does a lot of pre-school and family games that have beautiful wooden pieces, including the game I’m going to review here: Feed Fuzzy.

Feed Fuzzy is preschool game for kids ages 3+ where they are feeding wooden acorns to Fuzzy, the chubby-cheeked squirrel.  Fuzzy is, well, fuzzy.  He’s a plush with expanding cheeks that fits all 30 wooden acorns!  To start, you divide the acorns evenly amongst the players.  On a child’s turn they roll the 2 dice, one has numbers and the other has colors, and then they feed Fuzzy from their stockpile of acorns.  First player to get rid of all of their acorns wins!  Pretty simple, right?  There are also alternative instructions for a cooperative version and a simplified version using only one of the two dice.  And I cannot forget to mention how easy it is to reset – there’s a little zipper in the back to easily get the acorns out.

Overall Feed Fuzzy is pretty cute!  I played with an almost 3-year-old and they struggled a little with getting the acorns in Fuzzy’s mouth at the beginning, BUT it gets way easier once you get some acorns in Fuzzy’s cheeks.  It’s also way easier you put the acorns in bottom first.  This kiddo LOVED feeding Fuzzy without the gameplay and thought the acorns were very cute.  As any parent of a preschooler knows, preschool games that a kid can play with on their own (either as a game or as a toy) are GREAT!  Nurture/feeding play, cute/durable wooden pieces, simple gameplay, colors, counting, fine motor skills, plush character – all good things in a preschool game!

Feed Fuzzy Stats:
~$25 Amazon, local game stores
2-4 players
~10 minutes

Game was provided free of charge from the manufacturer with no guarantee of review (I’ve got to like it).  Use the links below to support The Game Aisle or go to your local toy store and support them!