Dec/Jan Issue of Fast Company: OMG I’m in it!!

I can’t express enough how social media has taken me to new and crazy places —  places I’d never dream I’d be.  For example, this month Fast Company magazine (a magazine I love) and has an article just on me and the “tools of my trade” (which is really just some of the interesting stuff I use to do my job).  Amazing!  Here’s a screen shot and a link to the article (and the one without typos is in the Dec/Jan print issue, page 84):

Screenshot of Fast Company Article with Kim Vandenbroucke in her office 

Okay, I’m tooting my horn right now and I think the article is pretty bad-ass.  BUT what I really want all of you to know that they contacted me via twitter (although I have no idea how they picked me) and a strong — or at least decent — social media presence can really help your brand (personal or products).  Food for thought on this Thanksgiving weekend.


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  1. Nathaniel Tice

    Kim, it was a great article. Fast Company likes to stick with innovators and those off the main stream. I am glad they did the interview as your site was not coming up on my searches. Guess I need to refine my searches a bit.

    Looking forward to seeing what else you have in the works. Thanks.

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